“Plot”: Seeeeereeeeeus discussion part THREE

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  1. Today: I SERIOUSLY Love Show. But Remember! On this page!!


  2. Page threeeeeeeee! Thanks, preteeeeeeee!

  3. Reply to ESS from Page 2 re: chest hair — I thought the PTB also let him grow some of the grey back on his head. Not as much as there probably really is by now, but a few glints. Loverly!
    But, sorry, not a fan of Kono’s new hair color. (Or does that comment belong on the Sardonic page? I get soooo confused!!)

    • I was Seeeeereeeeeusly distracted by the chest hair in the final scene…in a good way, of course. This episode was chock full of gifts for all FUCUPS. Thank You Show!

      • Yep it was a FUCUP FEST!

        • MJ – we are Page 3 Girls now! (I will never stop finding this funny).

          I can’t WAIT for this episode, it’s good to know I have this to look forward to, especially as we just had 2.08, which was only saved for me by the dog, really.

          Although 2.10 is between me and 2.17, which I am not looking forward to much… I was all set to watch Homeland until I read that it has flashbacks to torture scenes and then it was ‘I am OUTTA HERE’ (which is a shame, because I <3 Damien Lewis, he looks like he'd be FILTHY). I think I'll be watching from behind a cushion.

          • Alicia, the first and last time I’ll be a page 3 girl!
            2:17 was a great episode.
            2:10 was really good but in a different way, then I don’t mind a bit of torture!
            I heard Homeland was really good and I’m going to catch up with it. Thought it might be on Sky Atlantic which I don’t get but it’s Channel 4.
            I loved Steve in the back of the car and the dog in the front in 2:08.

  4. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I just birthed some fugly virtual babies!!
    Here we have baby Justin McGarrett

  5. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    And here we have baby Justin St. John

    Stupid computer didn’t know it was same man in different pictures, one with long hair and moobies, the other short haired a$$smasher! Useless teet suckers don’t even look alike!! I’m going to have to get DNA done now.

  6. In all seriousness, ’cause I’m emo and it’s how emos roll, when I was rewatching with Sheila and Steve was being all happy, I thought to myself, how many eps until something terrible happens to Steve (or someone he <3s) and he goes back to being angsty and emo? :(

    I then also said, "I love it when Alex gets to be funny."
    And Sheila said, "I've never seen him be funny in anything other than h50."
    To which I replied, "have you SEEN the back up plan?" Except it came out sounding more like "uhhh have you seen the pile of $hit that is TBUP which is so bad it's funny??" Which of course I did not mean. Don't worry kids, Sheila threw a pillow at me just for you.

  7. Btw Is everything ok with McMo! She hasn´t been around for a while, not that I´ve seen.
    Has the CBs.xdollplant (pardon the spelling :) ) gang finally off´d with her or are they holding her for ransom?
    Has anyone received a call yet?
    Maureen-WHERE ARE YOU?

    • OMG, maybe she’s in a school bus under a pile of dirt.

    • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

      Maybe the neighbor locked up his wi-fi signal…….she’s internetless.

    • I received an email from her on Saturday and she said she was having all kinds of trouble with her computer. Kept dropping the internet connection.
      She was fine at the time, but is probably having serious Sardonic withdrawal symtoms by now!

      • Thanks for letting me know. Good to hear that´s it´s just technical problems. Very rude of her neighbors to block that wi-fi connection!
        ps my gravatar has apparently changed back without my knowledge! Odd…

        • Paula: HI. Yes, I’m still kicking. As Karin said (HI Kar) I’ve been having problems with my Internet connection. Tuesday, I threatened to blast it with my .357 and surprise, surprise, it perked its sorry a$$ right up. So far, so good. Yes, my darling neighbors have all blocked their signals due to wondering teenage internet thieves.
          I’ve been waiting for our pretty leader to recap. I’m hoping for tomorrow and I’m really hoping I can read it.
          Thanks for thinking of poor old Granny. Hugsies, McMo

          • McMo! So glad you’re a-ok! Maha tweeted that the recap will go up on Saturday, so we’ve still another day to wait. She’s having a busy week. :)

            • Momo: Thanks for the recap info. Darn, another day. You mean our esteemed leader has a life…away from us? What’s that about? Saturdays actually a good day for me because I can join in the fun while it’s a happening, not a day later. That is if this goofy computer keeps working. Sending you hugsies, McMo

        • Paula, it (the avi change)happen that day when I asked you about the”hovering” thing. Maybe you did something then that changed it…..

    • McMo is indeedy here on the factory floor with moi,we are inventing the sh**out of stuff,she with her s.x dolls and me with a first draft McMedical kit with portable DeFOYbrillator. All is well

      • Scottiedog: Hey, are you really at the CeBeSex H50 Adult Toy Plant??? If so, whoever you’re with is a McMo impostor. I own the d@mn plant and I don’t even know where it is. They keep moving it for security reasons. BTW, how’s the DeFOYbrillator coming along??? McMo

        • Hey McMo,you are correct we are unable to reveal top secret location of said plant (FUCUP rule no.69).But it is somewhere near an aircraft carrier,USS Cargopants,I believe.
          The DeFOYbrillator is in the early stages of testing(on myself!).Even if I say so myself,it is damn good.
          All you Hookers are going to McLove it!!

  8. Oh my God, I thought you FUCUPs were joking when you said Alex played a character called Jack Flange in The Oyster Farmer. Not sure if this means the same outside the UK (or outside my teenage daughters’ vocabulary) but it seems pretty unfortunate to me.

  9. The drums have gone quiet for now ……

  10. If above doesn’t work….. Shirtless Danno and McG http://island-stars.com/NEW_.php

  11. I feel a new cap coming round the corner ;) I´m ready!
    Are there any sober b.tches here anymore?

  12. I was really looking forward to episode 2.17 after all the coments but I found it one of the worst episodes of the season. Really lame plot almost boring. The car arguments felt very contrived and forced. Didn’t find them funny at all. Steve acted stupidly with the roof stunt, the guy could have shot him easily through the roof. Hate when they make the characters act stupidly. Very disppointing after the amazing 2.16 epsiode.

    • I just wrote that I read everyone praise this episode as good as they were in season 1. All the fun carguments were back and the fun beginning. Not that the plot was special but that other stuff we´ve been missing was back. And of course just the core 4 now, felt easier to watch.

      • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

        This episode was everything that made me fall in love with show.
        Show is never to be taken too seriously, thats not what its about.
        I mean seriously, who the F jumps out of a plane and saves someone mid-air?? Lt. Commander Steven J. McGarett (and maybe Chuck Norris 30 years ago) thats who….a fictional character.

  13. No sneak peek yet. Maybe there won’t be one. The cast is mainly yet to be disclosed too.
    Conspiracy theories?

  14. @debbie ITA with every word you say!!! (But can’t see how to reply to you!)
    The plot was a repeat of 1.06? Therefore boring. The carguments were boring – same old. And forced? Too right! Ohana was back? But never convincing. Lip service – just because the characters say and do stuff doesn’t make it so. And one sharing of beers does not make ‘ohana’. One line from Chin, one line from Kono giving advice, does not make a return to ‘ohana’. As if… no one’s heart was really in it – except Danny/Scott. Therefore a script written solely for him? Nothing to do with Team. We have Danny agonizing over whether to introduce Grace to Gaby, yet Steve must be feeling pretty cut up over his curtailed time with Catherine – that Danny ignores and the two of them are reduced to arguing over a dog etc etc. Which for comedic touch was so unoriginal. Who on earth would put out a pan with fire extinguisher? The Steve we know, would not. So not funny.

    Was there ever ohana in the first place? Surely by now Steve would know that Danny does, in fact, swim if that were the case?

    2.17 had this feel, where the writers have reversed the characters of Danny and Steve – again! Making Steve out to be the goofy annoying one (very stupid indeed to go up on that roof!) and Danny the serious one. One day, they might decide to be consistent with that, please!

    James Caan is coming soon? He has red shoes I’ve been told. He is a clown perhaps? I’m dreading it if it means the same sort of ‘humour’ of 2.17.

    I could rant on about this ep forever. It was enough to make me stop watching. (I noticed that Maha says she’s ‘low on energy’ for Show) And we’ve put up with some pretty naff eps but this is the worst! And poor Alex is looking more ill than ever, more stressed out than ever. It’s affecting his acting – he really was unconvincing in the carguments. And I’m heartbroken to say so – I love Alex dearly. Where has his intensity gone? His eyes are empty. The only good part was where he shook hands with the Hawaiian elder. I’m sure he’s aware how bad these scripts are getting lately and he’s powerless do anything about it. It’s like H5O is destroying him and I hate H5O for that.


    • awwww Seixo….and I say this on the seeeeeeeeeereeeus page…. isn’t there a chance that Danny and Steve are rubbing off on each other and picking up some of each other’s characteristics? Or, that Steve wasn’t always so seeeeeeeeereeeeeeeus before his dad died? After all, he is somewhat normal and fun when he is with Cath. When we met him, he was still in SEAL mode, and didn’t know how to arrest someone without crossing the line. And he gets v v angry when it comes to any case that has to do with his parents, but other than that, he has always showed a silly, teasing side, especially when it comes to Danny. And, now that they have been hanging for the past couple of years, the teasing has just escalated. By the same token, Danny is a daddy and cop- two things that can make a person act very seeeeeeeeereeeeeus. He was obvi deeply in love with wife (who I will not name) and daughter and his life back in NJ. I would venture to say the Danny we met in s1 was v v angry because life had been crushed. But reason I heart him so is because he is also v v sensitive. He def has this seeeeeeeeereeeeeus side too. Show is what gives the boys the words to read and they can’t keep making McG the str8 man and Danno the goofy sidekick. We would bore of that very quickly. Show is trying to show us that both boys have both sides and are well rounded. I can get with that. BTW, I don’t see Steve as being cut up with saying bye to Cath. If anything, I think he was in heaven after a week of hide and seek on the carrier with her (trust, they found the places and the time). So, he was feeling all loving and wants Danny to have the same. Just my thoughts. ***hugs***

  15. ACA Lainie! (sorry for missing ‘i’)

  16. But I repeat. Steve does not know, after what, eighteen months that Danny can swim? How can they possibly be so close as to rub off on one another, if Steve doesn’t even know this? But I wasn’t crticizing either character – I was using this as an example of how badly the ep was written.

    And I agree with you that Steve is able to trully relax with Danny and let his hair down with the guy. So then, the swimming remark is yet another one of the show’s many inconsistencies, because Steve should have known this if they were best of buddies. The scene made Steve out to be uncaring and insensitve not to know this in the first place – which Steve is not.This is his more rounded charcter? So therefore it proves both my and Debbie’s point that 2.17 was bad? The swimming of Danny was nothing to do with ohana between Danny and Steve – but simply a contrived device by the writers to make Danny look as good physically as Steve – a more rounded character? That he’s kept quiet about it? Because he’s such a serious guy? (Though surely Kono has told everyone that she gave Danny surfing lessons once? Ohana everyone?) But if as a viewer you are made aware of a such a device then the ep was poorly written.

    And another inconsistency – because I could go on forever! – Danny has been pining after Rachel for the last three eps? If not more! And then suddenly he’s been seeing Gaby for three months????

    And more contrivances? The team have to go and visit Gaby – when they had a perfectly good expert in the form of the Hawaiian elder not fifty yards away? Again, if you’d made aware of this, it’s badly written.

    And I’m sorry, I’m like Debbie, the teasing just wasn’t funny. It was the same old. Following a formula. I zoned out. Didn’t even listen. It was painful to watch. And THAT is boring. And it can be put up with once ot twice in an ep, but not three or four. Then it was space filling as the writers have clearly run out of ideas for cases? The same is probably true of the overlong scene shots of Hawaii in this ep. Some we’ve seen before already.

    And Steve and Catherine were on different ships.

    • I think Steve´s comment about Danny´s swimming was perhaps based on Steve never having seen D swimming. Sure they must hang out together occasionally after work but would they actually go to the beach if D is reluctant to go in the water.
      About D´s still having romantic feelings for Rachel. was there any proof for this on show (in the latest episodes)? I saw him being there as a “close” friend when R had the baby, that message he left on her answering machine was several months old. Show kept his new love interest in the background for a while…think Steve was right to tell D maybe it´s him being afraid of taking the next step with G.
      I agree with the plot being boring this ep and Steve/Alex looking tired. But bought the carguments and bantering between these two, they may be less spicy than before just ´cause the guys now know each others better.

      • they may be less spicy than before just ´cause the guys now know each others better.

        I think that’s a fair comment.

        Though I also think that whatever writer/director attempted it, just wasn’t quite upto it. There was something not quite genuine about any of the banter scenes. Certainly, not on Alex’s part. They weren’t quite right and I can’t put my finger on why. And so much? When like I said, the plot itself was so poor? A repeat of 1.06. And Steve could have told Danny about going to the next step without all this ‘banter’?

      • banter has moved from hostility and ire to good natured jamming and love.

    • Steve and Cath were not on different ships- he told her he asked to be on Enterprise, and she reminded him that they would not be alone. Def on same ship. Def found time for hide the torpedo.

      • I think this said at the end of 2.16? That at least they’d be together on the plane out? But at the beginning of 2.17, I’m sure Steve said they were on different ships? He was on a cruiser while she was on the aircraft carrier?
        I’ll check it sometime.

        • I think she was just saying there would be a lot of sailors around to have much private time.

        • Danny had asked how was his vacation on the battleship and Steve said it was an aircraft carrier – different boats. The Enterprise is an aircraft carrier. My Brother in Law is also Lt.Cmdr in Navy. like Steve, and he is also on aircraft carrier (the Eisenhower).

      • Oh Lainie … Hide the Torpedo !! Hahahahahaha
        Yes, yes !!

        • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

          Hehehehehe….can I play????? Please???????????????

          • Noooooooooooooo…….. Only “good” girls can play!!!!!!!!!

            • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

              What are you trying to say h00ker?

              • Just what I’m saying, only the Good Girls (like me) are allowed to play with the really BIG torpedo’s. :wink:

                • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

                  Listen here h00ker!! I can handle the big torpedo just fine…..I’ve got lots of experience with torpedo’s……..hehehehe…..that makes me sound like a wh0re!!

                  • :lol: :lol:

                  • sounds like you have a lot of experience going down (periscope)

                  • You have too much jewellery…… :wink:

                    • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

                      laughing like a hyena………lots of experience gets you lots of jewelry!

                      Mother is in the kitchen making supper for her family when her youngest daughter walks in
                      Child: Mother, where do babies come from?
                      Mom: Well dear… a mommy and daddy fall in love and get married. One night,they go into their room… they kiss and hug and have sex. (The
                      daughter looks puzzled.) That means the daddy puts his pen/s in the
                      mommy’s vag/na. That’s how you get a baby, honey.
                      Child: Oh, I see, but the other night, when I came into you and daddy’s room, you had daddy’s pen/s in your mouth. What do you get when you do that?
                      Mom: Jewelry, dear.

  17. I don’t think Danny’s been pining after Rachel recently. The phone message that Rick hacked into was from a few months ago. There was never any suggestion that Danny had not been seeing Gabby, it just wasn’t referred to recently.

    • So the delivering Rachel’s baby was nothing to do with pining? Would you honestly go and deliver your ex’s baby if you were seeing someone? (Assuming you’re a fella! LOL!) But ok, I’ll concede that. But it really doesn’t matter. The writers still continue to have these continuity problems! And that’s ANOTHER reason why 2.17 is bad. Because SUDDENLY we have Gaby back again. Why couldn’t she have been referred to in previous eps? But it’s not important, because she’s bound to be forgotten again. Just like Chin’s wife. I didn’t notice, but was Chin’s wife even at the get together at the end?

      I’ve come to the conclusion here, that H5O suffers from having too many different writers who don’t seem to get round the table often enough to decide on one story line and character trait and stick with it.

      • Gabby was mentioned in last week’s episode. When Danny was at the fund raiser and said he needed to get her a Valentine’s Day present. And CHIN’S wife is a doctor…I’m guessing her hours aren’t regular and maybe that’s why she wasn’t at Danny’s dinner? We could go on for hours! :) Show has always been inconsistent in the writing.

      • I agree about the too many writers- it does lead to an lack of consistancy when it comes to the tone and dialogue on the show.

        I think Danny will always love Rachel and pine for what they used to have. But the message he left was a few months old, and he is trying to move forward with Gabby.

        I also think show would be smart to not make Gabby permanent girl, but rebound girl instead. Like the best advice I have given 2 good friends going thru divorce, he shouldn’t just jump into anything just to not be alone.

        • I agree, no one is going to get over a marriage and the possibility the relationship’s all on again in weeks or months but I think Danny is trying to move on from those feelings, hence the relationship with Gabby (encouraged by Steve).
          I do agree there have been too many characters this season and a bit of disjointedness. Hopefully that will be better now.
          I too wouldn’t want all episodes to be like this. I love the darker ones as well.
          Re the plot, they do say there are only about 10 types of story in the world, they have to differentiate them with characters, etc..

  18. I have to ACDA with Debbie and Seixio. Sure, the plot was re-hashed, but I think the writers were trying to get back the ‘old’ feel of the show before LoHo was introduced.
    I loved the carguments. I loved everything about this ep except the weak plot. As for Steve going up on the roof? Yeah, that was dangerous. So is flying after some guy over a balcony. So is tryng to rescue some guy mid-air. Steve always does risky and sometimes stupid things. Because he is a BAMF!

    • The WHOLE roof top scene was stupid.Surely the HPD have tear gas of their own? And Steve goes up there without a flak jacket I believe? I can’t remember. When the guy below is armed?
      Flying after some guy over a balcony and rescuing someone mid air, is that, risking his life to save someone else’s. This is Steve. To go onto the roof, like this was plain showing off. This is not Steve. This is stupid writers who just aren’t thinking about the character they’re writing for.

      Come on somebody! You still haven’t convinced me that next week’s ep will be worth watching on the basis of 2.17! I’ll be watching for Alex only.

      • ‘I’ll be watching for Alex only.’

        Good enough reason for me!!

        • Actually… if I think about it… and I really think too much!… it’s a good enough reason for me too! (Though I still wish Alex didn’t look so ill – who can blame me if I go looking for reasons why?) Thx everyone for letting me take up space here and letting me get all that off my chest! *SMILES*

          • AND relax…..glad you got it all out *huggsies*

          • show has a way of doing that to us- it is very polarizing sometimes. whole cheating cheater who cheats and mistress storyline did that to me. so I understand.

          • http://neropatti.tumblr.com/post/18310604107/great-bodies-guys had to post the link to a recent on the set h50 pic of Danny and McG half nekkid with surf boards from ep 219.
            I´m one of those who think AOL´s face and neck look scary thin, but this recent image restored my hope in him. Body looks promising ;)

            • …..not bad at all!! Thanks Paula, you made my day with this pic. Now we and Lainie & Co. can perv at the same time, in an episode!!

            • Yummy! From a distance, it looks like some serious manscaping has been done. :( Hope that isn’t the case. He’ll still be the hotness, but me likey a little fur.

            • Wait … This is for 2.19 …. They are both surfing in episode ? For realz ? OH.EM.GEEEEE.

            • Paula, thanks for that link. He does look pretty good. I was thinking yesterday that we hadn’t had any shirtless scenes since the N.Korea epi (not even in the 3 hospital scenes in 2.16). Was starting to share concerns of some fellow FUCUPS. This picture helps.
              Someone questioned on another site whether he might be losing weight purposely for a movie role. For some people (I am one of them), weight loss shows up in the face first. Is it possible this is the case, that he’ll be shooting a movie during hiatus? Anyone seen anything about this?

              • LaHagela "The Tinkler"

                There are no upcoming projects listed for him on IMDB. I don’t know it he’s still CBS’ b/tch or not…I don’t know if that holding contract is still in effect or was extended.

            • I’ve just seen that too! NOW I’m pleased that Show decided to reveal that Danny can swim! So our boys can surf together! Wow! But is Danny actually going to go in the water? They look like they’re having a surferguement.

              Steve is still a little thin in the face. But it’s okayish.

            • Paula: Thanks for posting this for several reasons. First..yummy and second, AOL’s body does not look as thin as I imagined it would. And I’m very grateful for this. His face has looked so thin & gaunt to me over the past few months, I’ve really began to fear for his health. I don’t even want to get started on the vein situation. Perhaps TPTB have done an “intervention” and have forced him to increase his calorie intake. I can only hope this is the case. McMo

              • I too am relieved to see AOL does not look as emaciated as I had feared,but he does look gaunt and so,so tired *huggsies*

                • Scottiedog: He does look v v tired & I think he’s been sick on and off too. I hear it in is voice. If last season is any indication, he will only get more exhausted from here on out. I really admire him for his dedication to this show which demands so much of him physically. I’m thinking the breaks in programming we’ve been experiencing this season are to allow Alex and the others to rest & recoup. Huggsies right back at ya, McMo

              • McMo, lets stage a FUCUP intervention to save The FOY…..it might be an endanged species?!

            • This is a great picture. When I first saw it on Twit I thought it was the boys having downtime off set.

          • SeixoLady: I agree with Westy, the writer’s were trying to get back the feel of the show before the Lori fiasco because it was a proven format. I welcomed it, but felt is was not as fresh as the first go around.
            You can’t look for common sense or strong plot/deep character developements here because you won’t find it. So far, these writers have been incapable of providing this and it drove me crazy early on too. As Mama Maha & others have taught me, to enjoy the show you really just have to take it for what it is…beautiful to look at (people & places,) exciting action scenes, humorous bantor, charismatic actors & the occasional decent story line. I wish the actors were given more to work with. I’m sure they want & can handle the challenge. They deserve better writing & so do the viewers, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon. But, as you stated, we have Alex every week and that’s a very good thing. Even though his lines can be silly, his stunts unreal & his character sometimes makes questionable moves, we love the fact he looks so d@mn good doing it all. (Just someone, anyone, please stuff some Puka Dogs down his gullet & the sooner the better.) Hugsies, McMo

        • I don’t watch for plot at all….I watch for Scott Caan’s butt and blue eyes. I am shallow. I said it somewhere else, when I want plot I watched Downton Abbey. H50 is all about eye candy (the cast and HI) , funny banter and watching a growing ohana for me. Would be boring if they knew everything about each other already.

          • Lainie: “I watch for Scott Caan’s butt & blue eyes.” Oh girl, don’t ever change. ACA, we learned early on that this show was only going to be about marvelous eye candy, action scenes and funny banter. I doubt we will ever see intriguing plots and in-depth character development. I have always wished the show was capable of this, but it’s not. It’s such a shame because if better writing were available to these 4 talented and charismatic actors they could add immensely to our viewing enjoyment. I think that’s what ticks us off the most…..knowing what could be. The upside is it’s the perfect show for Sardonic and we do all love our recaps.
            (btw, I love Downton Abbey too. Great series.) LOL, McMo

            • McMo, I actually want to disagree a little bit. For me the show has got a bit of everything. To me there is a lot of character developement, they just don’t take it too seriously, but it is there!! You can’t keep a good actor down, they will build something out of what little they are given….and I think thay have done just that ( I just love them all)

              • FOYeur, I do agree there is some character development, just not nearly enough for me. Not always, but more times than not, I find that when an interesting character story line appears, it’s quickly skimmed over and then prematurely dropped. I’ve grown somewhat bored with the characters because I’m never brought into why they do the things they do or witness the aftermath of their decisions or made to understand how they really feel about the result of their experiences. It frustrates me because I want to care about what they are going through. The writers move everything so fast, many times leaving us hanging without conclusions or making little sense in the process. How many times have we been left to imagine what happened & fill in the blanks? I attribute this to bad writing & still feel the shows characters could be developed better. Just my opinion.

                I do totally agree with you on the fact that the actors do wonders with what ever they are given. They are a very talented group & work so well together. I love them all too. McMo

            • “It’s such a shame because if better writing were available to these 4 talented and charismatic actors they could add immensely to our viewing enjoyment.”

              ACA. with everything you say. Esp. this. You say things so much better than me! And I think that’s why I was heart-broken by 2.17. It brought this fact home more than any other ep. Three of our four were just going through the motions, IMO. Nothing seemed genuine. Saying their lines as best they could. But like I said earlier, Alex acts with his eyes and in 2,17. they were empty. I trully hope that’s not because he’s stressed out and ill due to Show, because he’d prefer to portray more in-depth characterization.

              • SeixoLady: You express yourself just fine. I totally understand your frustration. I think we’ve all felt it at one time or another in varying degrees, but we remain loyal because we love the show and it’s wonderful actors and really want the series to succeed. (Well, we love Maha’s recaps and I think each other a bit too.)
                I totally agree with you that Alex is off his game. He’s looks haggard to me & has for quite some time now and as you mentioned, his expressive eyes are lacking. I’m hoping it’s simply exhaustion and not illness or dissatisfaction with the show.
                Just try watching the show for its beauty, high action, wild stunts, gorgeous actors & humorous bromance banter. If you take it too seriously, you’ll only be left wanting. Hugsies to you, McMo

        • Alex who? :lol:

      • Next week Caan senior is in, maybe the plot will be better :) at least they are eating pizza at some point.
        Last week´s jump of balcony was v dumb indeed! Head 1st onto a concrete balcony, would have caused severe injuries. Show is perhaps making Steve from super ninja to super hero…

      • I thought that was one of the less risky things he’s done over the 2 seasons. Not that testing for a SEAL. I think his stunts are quite funny and don’t have to be that realistic as they are entertaining.

    • @westy – ACDA – brilliant. Yes, I think show has been feeding us oatmeal and water for months and telling us it was ice cream and root beer. Now, this week, they opened up the whole 52 flavors and let us have a go to make up for it. Hopefully, show will balance itself out and find a way to give a bit of both. Because you can’t appreciate ice cream if you have it every night. And, sometimes a hearty bowl of oatmeal (with maple brown sugar and raisins) is just what you need.

      • I must admit, I went away wondering what the hell you were on about!! And I’ve since twigged – and that has a lot to do with @Mary Jane’s comment that we can’t have dark all the time. The show is trying to please everyone? But not everyone’s tastes can be catered for. It can’t please everyone all of the time. Is it trying too hard to do too many things? And then falls short in other areas? And always, there’s this feel of testing the water, to see what works and what doesn’t?

        So when exactly are the writers going to learn? You’re saying it’s now? But the rest of s2 has been written already?

        • oh doll, it seems you are just in one of those places this weekend. guess I am just saying the writing in 1/2 half of season 2 was lackling something and they have finally started to catch up with the eps that were written after the twitter and blog backlash, but they gave us everything we were missing in one ep. the eps we will be seeing going forward in s2 will have been written since the beginning of season started airing and should take into account what we have been saying. even if atplenkov says that they are not influenced by fans, that it both a lie and stupid. if showrunners don’t listen to their fans, they will end up without them.

        • I haven’t read everything that has been said about this issue yet, so if someone has already said it – sorry!

          I liked 2.17. Didn’t love it as I did some others this year, but it was entertaining enough for me to sit my tired a.s down last night at 1am after 12 hours of travel to watch the episode. Twice, per uge.

          I consider this episode one of the “throw away” episdoes that (similar to last years many throw aways – Rick Springfield episode I’m looking at YOU) were meant to convey something completely different than the usual. This was a standalone thing – no connection to the overarcing mystery. It was truly just a way to give us some character development and (possibly) lead us into some later storyline. That is why I liked the episode – not because it was awesomely written (it wasn’t) or “edge of my seat” suspensful (no). It was just fun. I stick to my belief that some episodes had to be “tweaked” from the initial season-long “plan” after the Lori thing looked like it wasnt working out. THis feels like a concession to the fans episode.

          PS – I loved the frittata thing and the 1st cargument. The second one didn’t grab me. LOVED THE ENDING!!

          Oh – and the way Steve was acting this episode? While I was watching I thought that he was much more amped up than he has been and figured that it had to do with him just coming off of he reservist stint – more testosterone flowing through his system! Much more like the way he was in eary S1.

          And, finally (I’ve got 10 days of no commenting bottled up! Cut me some slack!) I love h50 – for the oogling, oogling, and more oogling – but also because of the characters. Do I wish this were written as well as “West WIng”? Sure. Never gonna happen. Never gonna win an Emmy, unless it is for stuntwork, and I am OK with that.

          • Great to have you back!!

          • KIMMER IS BACK!!!!!!!!
            Are you all nice & tan??? :D
            I loved this ep too much to call it a “throwaway” but I know what you mean — this is our Breather Episode before the end-of-season seriousness starts up again. The character stuff was great and in that way I did appreciate the writing. Thank you for your persepective!!!
            YAY FOR KIMMER BEING BACK!!!!!!!

            • I AM tan – but I swear to God it faded the minute we touched down here.

              Maybe throwaway is the wrong term – how about “filler”? There were a number of them last season because they didn’t know how many episodes there were going to be so they had to write a bunch of them in (Hi Diddy!) and I think this was one of them. Whatever the reason, it seems to have made a number of fans happy so that makes me happy.

              • Filler is filler. Like Alkie Whip!!!! YES 2.17 is the alkie whip to 2.10s whiskey straight up (even though the official drink of 2.10 is the margarita…). Anyway. Both are good, have their uses & I’m not giving up either one!
                Also, love Joe, but what I learned from having him around was that if Show doesn’t have anything useful or new to say about the over-arching plot arc, it probably shouldn’t say anything at all. ;)

                • “2.17 is the alkie whip to 2.10s whiskey straight up”
                  Dying at the poeticishness of this. JK = Sardonic Artistotle

                  “if Show doesn’t have anything useful or new to say about the over-arching plot arc, it probably shouldn’t say anything at all. ;)”

                  ACA. With lots of gratuitous shirtlessness. And no pants.

          • Welcome back!!! So happy to seeeee youuuuuuu!

            OK. Wait. Your mentioning West Wing just made me visualize AOL in the cast of said show. I need a moment. Scratch that… I need several. And some replacement batteries.

            I’m sorry… was that oogling? How could I stoop to such a level.

            • See?!? We can oogle on many many mental levels. Proof that FUCUPs are smmmmarrrtt (but not as smmmmmaaarrtt as M)

            • West Wing might be a little tame for him, although I know he could hold his own with that great cast.
              Have any of you read any of the Jack Reacher novels? I can so see AOL as that guy!

              BTW, I’ve been rewatching WW. Half way thru S2. Going to have to put it away now to get with the Three Rivers rewatch group.

            • Infant_Sardonic

              I have enough trouble following West Wing as it is without Alex on the scene. :P Seriously I get to the end of some episodes and go, so what just happened?? Show is very confusing some times.

          • Yay Kimmer!!!! Agree with much of what you said here. Fun.

    • I was going to stay away from this thread, but here is my 2 cents….
      I watch this show purely for the entertainment of it and natch for the pretty people !
      I can’t take a lot of the plot that seriously …. Last year atplenkov said in an interview; if you are looking for a show with a strong procedural story like NCIS or CSI, then, this isn’t your show.

      Also, I’ve rewatched the first carguement a few times … I love it more and more… Becuz it’s about Monkey !

      I don’t have kids, but I think ‘sometimes, in certain circumstances’ I can be more objective in conversations with my friends with kids … Kudos to Uncle Steve … I didn’t think it was forced at all … And obvi Danno saw McG’s point … Cuz we had that very cool ending at HHV, which signifies Ohana to me, because the TEAM , including Max and Big K … Are all there supporting Dannos decision to introduce Monkey to Dannos new girl !

      McG on the roof and Danno swimming ….. Was all pure entertainment for me and I laughed and enjoyed it.

      Hugsies to all !!

      • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

        Big time ACA!!! I think I need a drink after reading this page…..

      • “can’t take a lot of the plot that seriously …. Last year atplenkov said in an interview; if you are looking for a show with a strong procedural story like NCIS or CSI, then, this isn’t your show.”

        But… H5O is to have a cross-over with NCIS? Then… PLenkov IS thinking the two shows are on equal pegging? Or ought to be? Or… H5O is to serve as entertainment value only in the crossover while the NCIS cast do all the serious stuff?

        And I’ll say it again, Alex himself has been reported as saying that he likes to get detail right – down to the correct way to hold a gun? So doesn’t it make it important enough to comment, HERE, on ways the plot fails, seeeeriously?

      • HI LB – I’m with you on your post start to finish. The first cargument was a really good one, I enjoyed it. I think the guys are ‘men of action’ so whether one jumps a roof or jumps in the water it’s all to get the job done – whatever the job may be. We can assume they make a mental preparation – split second from all their cop or SEAL training and just go for it. When McG went on the roof it reminded me of him taking the grenade into the pawn shop – he did what needed to be done. In real life it may be absurd, but for a TV show I love it! I may actually lol at the moment it happens.

  19. I would say that the increase in ratings in season 2 demonstrates that Lenkov has been doing a pretty good job of giving the fans what they want already. Its ironic that much of the feedback on 2.17 has been from fans that have complained that most of the season has been rubbish because of the writing and drop in quality . But suddenly all those complaints about the writing and the quality of the show are magically forgotten because of a few car arguments.

    The ohana wasn’t any stronger in 2.17 than 2.10 or many other episodes. I don’t rate the show on how much Steve and Danny get to argue with each other. I don’t watch the show to oogle at the guys. I’m not expecting rocket science and have no problem with convoluted plots once they don’t cross over in the realms of stupidity. I don’t even expect each episode to be good or for the writers to give us continuity, but I do hope they at least try and keep the characters reasonably consistant and in character. Crazy heroic stunts are different to stupid stunts that don’t really serve any purpose like the roof stunt. Since when has Steve acted all cocky like that and put his life in danger needlessly.

    Why did Danny decide to take a swim when there’s no reason to if he hates the water. Why not let Steve save the guy. So If this is to show us that the guys are rubbing off on each other It didn’t work for me. It just shows me that one writer doesn’t know how a previous writer has depicted the character.

    The season so far has had its good and bad episodes like most shows do, and 2.17 didn’t give me what’s been missing from the show. The show still lacks consistancy and character development and good writing.and a few car arguments don’t make up for that. But good well written episodes like 2.16 where all the team get something to do are much more appealing to me than lame plots with contrived ohana moments. I’m already convinced that the team care about each other I don’t need forced ohana moments to convince me of it.

  20. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Joke of the day….
    Mary was having a tough day and had stretched herself out on the couch to do a bit of what she thought to be well-deserved complaining and self- pitying.

    She moaned to her mom and brother, “Nobody loves me … the whole world hates me!”

    Her brother, busily occupied playing a game, hardly looked up at her and passed on this encouraging word: “That’s not true, Mary. Some people don’t even know you.”

  21. At the risk of sounding really stupid, what does TPTB stand for? Something to do with @Plenkov I think.

    • The Powers That Be.

      Usually applied to all producers and those who control shows, movies etc. And seldom used in a complimentary context. Though more polite than a**holes. Easier to type than PLenkov in this instance. Try it when you’d like to complain about something. ;-)

  22. Not plot but seeeeeeeeeeriously nice photos of Scott Caan on 50undercover.

  23. LaHagela "The Tinkler"

    Rewatching 1.2 ooh crazy Steve how I miss you! The elevator and the poor torured little boy, the roof, ergo……great cargument

  24. Ep 2.18. Foot. P0rn. I’m in love with Show. #marryshow

    • Oh the footp0rn. *dies*

      • Ladies I non-sardonically love you for remembering to use zeroes in the P word.

        It must have been cold that morning they filmed that scene as Danno kept rubbing his tootsies together (you could see the wind blowing in the background & I think there was a BTS pic where AOL & SC were wearing jackets) so the fact that this scene was filmed as written… So Amazing. On behalf of Momo: THANK YOU SHOW! ;) Nice to see McG’s feet not covered in blood. #justsayin

        • THANK YOU SHOW! ;)

        • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

          I love that McG suggested D clip his toenails!! Yay!! McG is into pedi’s!!
          And boat shoes!!!!!……God, I am even more in love with this fictional character now. Maybe I won’t even have to wash his feet before I suck his toes. Infant!!!! what do you think??? oh who am I kidding they would still have to be watched and scrubbed…….

    • I could hear the SQUEEES from a certain group all over the lands when the shoes were kicked off!

  25. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved 2:18 and James Caan on Show. 2:18, IMO, better than 2:17. Tony Archer needs to come back as a recurring character. I’ll even put up with another Subway product placement to make it happen. ;)

    • LBF- I was saying the same before it was even over – a great example of using a guest star all the way through and in fact I could see him being a regular character. Such fun – and you could just hear the same manner of speaking between them- I can see him popping up to ‘help’ the guys now and then. I can’t remember an obvi. product placement tonight – unless you count firecrackers.

  26. I really enjoyed it and James Caan was great but found some of the early humour a bit ‘knowing’ eg lowering the guns on the count of 3, etc. It took me out of it a bit.

  27. Wow! Two episodes in a row that left me smiling. How many different names did he call Danno? Muscles, Hairdo, Dick Tracy! Muscles and McGoo. Loved it!
    I expected that Dennis Miller’s character would not be around for long but sure didn’t expect him to last less than two and a half minutes. I’d be willing to bet big money, though, that Dennis wrote his own scene. That was so a trade mark Dennis Miller rant!

    I could also see Daddy Caan as a recurring character. The three played off each other so well. Was almost afraid at the end he was going to ask them how long they’d been married. I loved the hen pecking line so much better.
    And the pizza fold over. For my first trip to New York City with a college theater group, one of the items in the orientation was the proper way to eat a slice in NY! True. Story!

    • yes- folded over is the correct way and never with a fork and knife

      • aack! the fork and knife take all of the flavor out!!! nevah!

      • Infant_Sardonic

        In Australia our “slices” (more commonly known as pieces) are no where near as big as a New York slice. I have never seen someone here fold over their slice, because, well it just wouldn’t work. I am sure someone at some point had to give Alex that exact same lesson as I did not know this was how y’all eat your massive pizza slices. I shall eat one like this in Hawaii just for y’all. But no pineapple…ever.

        Momo, I had a deep dish pizza when I was in Chicago. Mmmmm yummmmm.

    • Even though this is physically impossible I’m taking Miller getting explodedded as he disses “Occupy” a shout-out to Maha’s recap of the previous episode!! OK, so maybe too soon, but what about all that tweeting Lainie, Maha & I did earlier in the season at Bob Orsci about how Danno should join Occupy Honolulu movement since he was homeless? ;)

      • listen, I am all for believed atplenkov is listening to us. he directly promised me in a tweet to me an ep ending with gang laughing at HHV and I got that last week. and I have been asking for wet shirtless danno forever and he gave me that this week. atplenkov loves me. the truth. ;)

        • Can we make requests via you, please?
          I’d like to see Danny and Steve together in a situation they can’t escape from with one/both hurt. Eg kidnapped, copter crash in jungle, etc. Would love to see the interaction, concern, banter etc.

        • You definitely have a direct link to the Highest Power…can we give you our requests now? (Then again no mistery here…….Pantslessness is the only unanimous request at Sardonic, after all!!)

  28. I loved 218. James C got the best lines and they were funny. Cracked me up when Steve said “pretend that I´m stupid” and Tony replied “OK” and then there was the pause and Steve finally gets the joke LOL . I loved it :)

  29. Continuing from this comment of Steph’s on 2.17 page 4 (because I thought about this very seeeeeeriously):

    “I thought AOL was fabulous in the final scene at HHV. I think the look in his eyes conveyed so many bittersweet feelings — seeing Danny happy with a little family — all those family emotions that McG has such trouble processing, things he may want, but feels he can never have, or doesn’t know how to *get* for himself.”

    ACA with this, and was thinking about it a bit yesterday evening. Steve hasn’t exactly had positive examples of long-term relationships, has he? From his father he learned that losing your wife makes you have a breakdown and destroy your children’s lives and your relationships with them. From his surrogate father – and from SEALs in general – he learned that being a SEAL meant that a happy, stable marriage wasn’t something that was ever likely to happen for him anyway. Then, all of a sudden, his life changes completely and he ends up back home – except now he has a partner who is still in love with the Psycho ex who is causing him all kinds of problems with access to his daughter, and another member of his team whose engagement ended pretty disastrously. And when his partner does manage to get back with the Psycho ex it all falls apart again almost immediately.

    AND YET even taking all this into account, he’s not cynical. He was always supportive of Danny trying to get back together with Rac Hell – his reaction when he found out was ‘were you ever going to tell me?’ rather than ‘have you LOST your MIND?’ – and he encouraged Danny to ask Gabby out and then to introduce her to Grace. A lot of men in his situation would have the attitude that relationships aren’t worth the effort and be on a mission to make sure that their friends stay single for wingman purposes (I have kissed a lot of these frogs in my time), but he isn’t like this at all. Plus, he obviously understands relationships as the advice he gives is generally good, and Danny generally follows it, which suggests that, even though he might tease Steve for knowing nothing about relationships, he does actually realise that this is not really the case (as do we).

    Fast forward to now: Steve has discovered – and is beginning to understand and accept – what really happened to his family. Chin is married, so everything worked out great for him in the end. Danny is moving on from the Psycho ex, and is developing what appears to be a very stable, healthy relationship with someone who is lovely and quite sane. Kono is veeerrryyyy sloooowwwly pursuing something with Hot Fong. He’s not on active duty, with all the problems that poses for a stable relationship, anymore. He’s not seeing dysfunction everywhere he looks. Arranging things just so that he could spend some time with Cath could be seen as him starting to take baby steps towards establishing something a little more permanent. I’d love to know if this is intentional. (Alternatively, it’s possible that I am overthinking this waaaaay too much.)

    All this, from the final scene at HHV. Fkn Life Ruiner. Or today, Fkn Kitchen Ruiner, since the kitchen is a tip and I have been typing instead of tidying. Procrastination rules!

    • That’s an amazing analysis, Alicia. So well done, I didn’t want your post to end. I must admit, it also makes me feel very shallow because, though I spend many hours watching and rewatching show, it’s for the pretty and the great acting of Alex and Scott. I hardly ever get into or dwell on their feelings and motives, the backstory, if you will.
      But I love it when other people share those thoughts. Again, well done and thanks. Karin

      • Don’t encourage me! I could go on for hours….

        But thank you <3 <3 <3.

      • Karin – def. agree – I don’t want to hurt myself and think that hard but love that others do. You’all add so much depth to the characters – whether it is there or not – it gives me more things to think about than just asdfhkl;asdfjk’, etc. As to various stick figures – poems – sketches – songs -that is so much icing on the cake! Or in the more likely case – vodka in the glass.


      No such thing as over thinking in my book. You have hit right on the thing that I love so much about McG, that even though he had a tragic terrible young adulthood, became a freakin ninja who has chased shoe bombers all over the world and taken out god knows how many baddies with his sniper rifle, he still has this gooey good heart that is so sincere and sweet and as you say not cynical, even after all he’s seen & all he’s done. He doesn’t have all the emotional tools in his champ box to articulate his emotions all the time — but Danny’s life gives him that opportunity to play around & experiment with “feelings” that otherwise he wouldn’t be able to access. And Danny *lets him* — and like you say, he takes McG’s advice, because Danno knows that McG’s advice even if not coming from a place of experience (“Oh I forgot! you’re married with kids..!”) comes from the heart of a truly good person.

      LOVE IT.

      • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

        You guys and your WORDS are killering me!! dead. Some days I truly wish the boys could see that their skills are taken seriously and that they ready do a fantastic job bringing life to these characters. I air heart you ALL!!

        • Yeah, I agree Tink, I also wish they could see these words because the “bada$$ with heart” that is McG would not be the same unless it was delivered by an actor with AOL’s talent & subtelty + the package he comes in — that body that says “I have killed & will kill again, don’t mess with me” and that face that says “I believe in magic & rainbows & unicorns & friendship.” It’s an interesting combination.

          • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

            You had me at unicorns…..he has the most expressive eyes and brows in Oahu……which I can appreciate as I have mastered the raising of the single brow and rolling of the eyes, The University of Phoenix offers a 12 weeks online course if anyone is interested.

      • ^^^^YES!! THIS!! THIS!!^^^

        He still has FAITH that because he’s a good person, things could still come right for him in the end, and even though he knows better than anyone that bad things do happen to good people, he hasn’t lost hope that he might be one of the lucky ones (which is good, because he would be really uninteresting if he had). For now, he’s happy with his ohana, and to live vicariously through Danny, and because Danny air-hearts Steve and understands why he is the way he is, Danny’s happy with that too.

        *sigh* HAPPY PLACE.

      • OMG you guys!! Love this!
        – Alicia, I ACA with your post about McG and relationships! Overthinking? No way! You go, girl, if you come up with this stuff!
        – Steph, love the “bursting into tears”. IKR?!?
        – and, “that body that says “I have killed & will kill again, don’t mess with me” and that face that says “I believe in magic & rainbows & unicorns & friendship.” YES!! Unicorns!!
        – and just to keep part of my comment in the gutter where it belongs, I’ll bet that Cath also gives McG “that opportunity to play around & experiment”… ;)

    • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

      I’m crying over here…..The humanization of McG! We’ve seen him evolve from a man, who in Danny’s opinion wasn’t breast feed, nor held as a child into this man, this wonderful, caring, compassionate man. A man who didn’t realize what was missing from his life until it fell into his lap. (insert I’d like to fall into his lap jokes here).

    • This is an amazing post!! I think Danny has sort of a humanizing effect on Steve, as Danny is overall a more emotionally accessible type of a guy. I think maybe, as you wondered, if Steve doesn’t see that and think that maybe, just maybe he wants a bit of the family thing he hasn’t really had since he was a kid.

      And like Steph said, maybe McG gives “advice” to Danny on those subjects because he isn’t yet ready, willing or able to take his own advice and let his guard down and “take his own advice” so to speak.

    • Yeah I love that Steve has a soft centre and is showing it more and more to people he trusts.Also loves that Danny makes out Steve’s advice is crap then takes it.

    • Infant_Sardonic

      All this, this entire thread from Stephs post, Alicia’s thoughts and all those that follow.
      Air hearts to you all. I lurve you all.

      PS. Alicia, go on for hours. PLEASE! Your comment was epic.

      • Uhm….ever wish you hadn’t asked?

        (I didn’t see this until after I’d finished posting, at which point I had obviously immediately become convinced it was all gibberish, but then I saw your comment and thought Aha! I can blame Infant!)

  30. Definitely a lot of overthinking……but I love it!!
    Who knows…..maybe somewhere in Season 5

  31. Taryn Manning’s filming H50 and has tweeted that she keeps dreaming of snakes.
    Perhaps she’s spotted the FOY and can’t get it out of her head. Shall we ask if it was a python, anaconda or king cobra?

  32. I TOLD you not to encourage me. I was thinking about the bromance and all the different ways in which it works, and I got a bit…. carried away. I think I’m going to post this in instalments because I’m scared it’s going to break the page.

    1. Outsiders. Initially, they were both in a position where they’d left their lives behind and they were both quite isolated as a result. Danny was used to having a close-knit family around him at home, and friends, respect and acceptance at work, but now he didn’t have any of that. So far as we know, he didn’t have any friends in Hawaii besides Meka, and even they weren’t close enough for Amy to have told him that Meka had died; she only contacted Danny when she needed his help. The only family he had near him were the ex-wife he was still in love with and the daughter she barely allowed him to see. On Steve’s part, so far as we know, he doesn’t have contact with anyone he knew before he was sent away. He was the quarterback at high school, so it’s a safe bet that he was popular and had friends (hey, I watch films, I know these things), but even though a lot of the people he was at school with presumably still live there, we’ve never seen him have any interaction with them or refer to them at all. At the beginning, for all his air of ‘I grew up here, I know the proper way of doing things’, he was as much of an outsider as Danny. When he said to Danny (I paraphrase because I can’t be bothered to research) “Maybe you’re not as alone here as you think”, he could just as easily have been talking about himself. In fact, that little scene was really the grown-up equivalent of ‘do you want to be my friend?’ – ‘yeah, OK’. They even shook hands to seal the deal. Awwwww!

    • I often wonder as well about McG’s high school friends & what’s the deal with that. I still keep in touch with a few people from back then, but then again… I wasn’t suddenly ripped away from them & sent off 3000+ miles away & probably not allowed to communicate with anyone back on Oahu for their safety as well as my own. :( Catching up with those people at the 15 year reunion or whatever would just lead to a bunch of awkward “whatever happened to you, where did you go” type questions that he’d probably prefer not to have to answer to people who are just causal aquaintances. I mean, it took him MONTHS (it was S1Ep11) before he even talked to CHIN about the Champ Box.

      I’ve been re-watching the Pilot ep (for reasons) and their first meeting with Kamekona, McG speaks some pidgin and K goes “you still look haole to me!” So ACA on your point of McG being as much of an outsider as Danny (McG didn’t know how to be a police officer, but knew how to work on the Island, where Danno knows how to be a police officer but nothing about Hawaii). Very complimentary problems to which the other is the solution.

      • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

        Thats a great point, why doesn’t he ever run into people he went to school with, especially since his father a highly respected cop was murdered, he’s running a high profile task force, and happened to be arrested for the murder of a Unites States Govenor. No one from HS wants to meet up with him slap him on the back and ask him “how’s it been”, no high school GF is knocking on his door trying to knock boots…..strange. Story gets wonky sometimes, doesn’t make sense as it should in reality. Like the entire task force….why doesn’t every state have one? Basically a state wide CIA….and why no crimes ever on the other islands? I’m not going to even touch upon NK, love that ep with all my air hearts but really? NK?
        I have been rewatching season 1 because I want to see the evolution of the bromance…..I wanna feel the love tonight.

      • “I’ve been re-watching the Pilot ep (for reasons) ”
        I like that you felt the need to justify a rewatch. I’m rewatching…just because.

        ACA with what Alicia said. Also as for keeping in contact with people. I was house captain and all that stuff at high school and I only see two girls I went to school with so being in the “in” crowd doesn’t = friends for life.

        Waitttt does this mean Steve had a rally girl??

      • McG’s high school reunion would be just like Grosse Pointe Blank: “I killed the President of Paraguay with a fork. How’ve you been?”

        I now HAVE to watch that film again. And – OMG – I just had an epiphany about why I like McG so much – he reminds me of Martin Blank! Tall, dark, lethal. Deadpan. Emotionally stunted. OMG!!

  33. 2. Rejection. They were both dealing with this. Danny was still smarting from being rejected by Rac Hell and most of the people he had contact with in his new life. When he said that he needed to be good at his job because it was all he had, those were the words of someone whose self-confidence has taken a serious beating. Steve was coming in off the back of twenty years’ worth of rejection by the father he had just lost. Self-image is influenced by how others see us – we define ourselves in part by the kind of people who want us in their lives (although quite what AOL and SC would think being adored by a happy band of slightly insane h00kers says about them is anyone’s guess). For Danny, to have the friendship and respect of someone like Steve – who, emotional issues aside, is a seriously impressive human being – gave him back some of his confidence and cockiness. At a stroke, he went from being the outsider to being the best friend of the coolest kid in school. With Steve’s Daddy issues, it’s easy to see why he would be drawn to Danny and his attitude towards fatherhood. From the teenage Steve’s point of view, when his family fell apart, his father reacted by turning Steve’s life upside down (selfish). When Grace’s family fell apart, her father turned HIS OWN life upside down (unselfish). Before Steve knew why his father had sent him away, Danny’s Superdad qualities marked him out as the kind of person Steve needed to have in his life, to remind him that he didn’t deserve what his father had done. Now that Steve has more understanding of why his father acted the way he did, every time Danny puts Grace’s needs ahead of his own, it’s a validation of Steve’s realisation that everything his father did was done out of love, not indifference. Unless Atplenkov is waiting in the tall grass for us, Steve will never have the opportunity to have a proper relationship with his own father, so Danny has become a kind of ‘Everyfather’ to him, and Uncle Steve has done everything he can to make sure that Grace never has to experience what he and Mary went through (this is a similar theme to The Big Wheel. Which I could also waffle on about for hours).

    • Infant_Sardonic

      You’re killing me. This one made me a little sad. You’re so right. Danny’s fatherly behaviour is all Steve wanted from his Papa and he never got it after Moma McGarrett died. :(

    • Alicia there are so many little snippets of this I want to quote back and say YES YES YES!

      I have (and will continue to) rail against Show’s Writers/Producers for some truly dumbsh/t decisions sometimes but there are so many things they did JUST RIGHT and THIS is one of them and THIS is why the show works for me on more levels than just “hot cops in paradise.”

      “Why the Show Works for Me on More Levels than just “Hot Cops in Paradise,” is now my non-sardonic name for the Seeeeeereeeeus page. ;)

  34. 3. Old Married Couple. Danny was used to being part of one of these. When Rac Hell left him, he lost his life partner as well as his daughter. He was still broken up about the divorce and not remotely ready to meet someone new, but that he still missed having someone to spend time with and bicker with and have little in-jokes with. Steve was that person for Danny while he got his equilibrium back. Steve, on the other hand, doesn’t really know how to have that kind of relationship, and the way I see it, he isn’t just practising THROUGH Danny, he’s also practising ON Danny, and I don’t mean this in any kind of slashy way. When we meet someone that we have an instant connection with, we do fall in love a little bit, even if we have no physical attraction to that person – hence ‘bromance’, after all. Danny is a ‘safe’ option for Steve at this point in his journey (ugh, I hate that term as well, but it works here so, huh, get over it), because he can get used to spending most of his time with one person and learn how to adapt his own personality and behaviour to make that relationship work, without any of the complications which come with an actual romance (with mixed results, admittedly. I don’t think anyone’s going to be moving in with him anytime soon). And in the meantime of course, he still had Cath on speed dial.

    4. Parent/Child. This is a very simple one. When they first met, one of them had lost a father and the other had lost a child. In a way, they filled those roles for each other. The very first carguments and conflicts were almost all about Danny trying to teach Steve HOW TO BEHAVE, or berating him for putting one or both of them in danger. This is the role of a parent. Steve’s stance in pretty much all cases was ‘why can’t I?’. This is the attitude of a child (this isn’t a new idea for us, I know it’s been discussed on here before). Danny found an outlet for his parenting instincts, and Steve found someone to guide him through a world that was new to him and that he didn’t quite understand.

  35. 5. Ohana. It would never be written this way, but in reality this would be an unhealthy relationship (potential for co-dependence, jealousy of outside relationships etc). Luckily, Show has Character Development, so it worked because it was a transitional phase and they’ve moved on from it. Instead of becoming insular and exclusionary, their relationship was a jumping-off point for the formation of their own ohana to replace the families they left behind (in New Jersey and the Navy). As they’ve gathered more people together, the newcomers have taken over the roles that they previously filled for each other, so their relationship is more relaxed and not so intense. It was lovely to see them leaning on each other to begin with, seeing them support each other when so much had gone wrong in both their lives, but it’s even more lovely to see how much they really have helped each other and how much better their lives are as a result. (I’m making myself CRY here. I really need to stop overthinking this or I’m going to DISSOLVE.)

    I know that this is the way the characters were written – although I’ve inferred a lot, it’s all come from what I’ve seen on the show – but on paper, I wouldn’t bother thinking about this, let alone overthinking it to this extent. And I don’t do this with other shows. This is where both AOL and SC knock it out of the park for me: their characters are a Navy SEAL and a hard-bitten cop, two types of person who don’t believe in allowing others to see their weaknesses, but both of them are able to convey vulnerability without actually showing it. We don’t see it overtly all that often, but subliminally, it’s always there, and that’s not something that can be conveyed by writing alone. It has to come from the performance. Without it, I don’t think we would care about the characters to the extent that we do, and without that we wouldn’t want to understand them and thus spend hours writing essays about them when we have much better things to be doing (because, contrary to all appearances, we do HAVE A LIFE, actually).

    Off you go, h00kers! (I’m going to lie down. My head is hurty.)

    • WOW. You should teach the class, Alicia.
      I love your dissertation! Nicely done! <3

    • Karin@notMcNerd

      AAAA! (As Always, Amazing Alicia!)

    • Ph.D. in Hawaii Five-0 Studies for you, Alicia, brilliant analysis.
      The more I watch Ep 2:09 which has just aired for us in the UK, the more I’m aware that Steve really did not want Danny to move out of his house. He gave him the headphones and when Danny said he’d found somewhere else it was Danny that imagined Steve didn’t want him to be living down the road. Steve couldn’t verbalise that he wanted his friend to stay so he said (approximately) ‘yeah, something like that, just put it out of your mind’. How sweet is that?

    • That’s a really good point about their acting bringing the characters so much more alive. I re-watched the Danny’s brother (epic) episode last night. I looovvve the scene where Steve tells Danny he has to tell the Feds where his brother is then misdirects them. The acting is priceless; they both convey so much more with their eyes than is on the page.

      • I’ve been re-watching the Pilot episode & I can’t hardly watch the opening scene anymore, when Hesse shoots Papa McGarrett, it’s shocking enough the first time you see it but the more you (in the words of the Great LaHagela) “fall in love with a fictional character,” the harder it is to watch him go through that tragedy.

        • Love the Pilot.
          I’m going to have to work my way through the whole of season 1 (again) soon. Maybe during the break. Then I’ll buy season 2 and watch that even though I’ve got it all recorded!

          • It makes me so sad to say this… I have not rewatched any of S2 eps except for 2.1, 2.17 and 2.18 because I just didn’t enjoy the others as much for one reason, and one reason only. Which I won’t say by name cuz it’s been beaten to death. I’d like to be able to fast forward through those scenes, but I know it would just leave me feeling empty and not worth the time. Totally sad panda about this cuz I enjoyed watching and rewatching S1 over and over again. :(

            • I find I often enjoy the re-watch better than the first time as I do not have to manage my expectations. I need to calm down!
              True of Ep 2:18 too.

            • I find them much easier to watch now that I know what transpires in 2.17 ;)

              • Agreed, think Spurschick might feel the same way. I found that with the Special K eps. Much easier when you know it all builds up to a great episode like 2:10 (to be aired in the UK on Sunday!!) Also helps that she saved Danny’s life (after almost killing him of course – see Steph J’s brilliant cartoon – I’m not technically capable of doing links to it).

          • Infant_Sardonic

            I’m rewatching my season 1. It is so much fun. Steph I agree, every time I see that scene with Hesse I am reminded all over again why I hated that b@stard. Falling in love with fictional characters…ugh, guilty as charged.

    • Alicia, this longgggggg dissertation of you actually conveyed what I tried to say earlier on this page. This show has far more character development than any other show of its class, but is also lighter entertainment than anything else on TV at the moment. It’s the best of both worlds and like you said, it is these two wonderful actors (with their brilliant performance), very well supported by the “cousins” and the others who make this all happen. Very good analyses of the show and why we love it so, thank you for putting it in writing.
      BTW, I liked the Parent / Child analyses the most – never really picked that up before, but it is very true…….

    • You have summed up all the reasons I adore this show in such a thoughtful way.Awesomeness!!!

    • Infant_Sardonic

      Top of the class for you mate. ACA.

  36. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Wow, Alicia, that was heavy duty…..I am so freaken impressed!

    • I am so freaken exhausted! But thank you!

      • Again wow… this is what we all know, feel. But could never express it quite like you have.

        And this is worth repeating, because it is so seeeeeriously good too…

        @stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker)

        ” You have hit right on the thing that I love so much about McG, that even though he had a tragic terrible young adulthood, became a freakin ninja who has chased shoe bombers all over the world and taken out god knows how many baddies with his sniper rifle, he still has this gooey good heart that is so sincere and sweet and as you say not cynical, even after all he’s seen & all he’s done. He doesn’t have all the emotional tools in his champ box to articulate his emotions all the time — but Danny’s life gives him that opportunity to play around & experiment with “feelings” that otherwise he wouldn’t be able to access. And Danny *lets him* — and like you say, he takes McG’s advice, because Danno knows that McG’s advice even if not coming from a place of experience (“Oh I forgot! you’re married with kids..!”) comes from the heart of a truly good person.”

        But all this is why I get upset with Show for doing such stupid things with these characters sometimes.

        But I’ll feeling good about it now. McG shucking off his shoes, sharing a barefeet moment. Both at ease with the world. Priceless…

  37. Alicia!!! I don’t even know where to begin with how much I love your PhD dissertation in Five-0 McG/Danno. Lots to think about. ;)

  38. I think Steve has dealt with his past issues and the hand that life has dealt him a lot better than Danny. I’ve always found Steve the more balanced of the two. Steve may be stoic due to his military training and having to become self reliant from an early age, but I’ve always felt that he’s a lot more comfortable with who he is than Danny.

    Steve has always displayed a confidence in who he is and goes about achieving his goals in a focused and determined way. I’ve never gotten the impression that Steve has relationships issues or issues with connecting to people. He is an extremely empathic and compassionate person.and I doubt he’s ever had problems forming relationships or friendships, otherwise he wouldn’t have seamlessly formed new friendships with Chin, Kono and Danny. He also seems very happy in his relationship with Catherine.

    Danny on the other hand seems a lot more bitter about what’s happened to him and wants to desparately cling to the past. He seems to need to have people around him and blames everyone else including Hawaii for his own personal failings and issues. He’s controlling and opinionated and seems to have dificulty seeing anyone elses point of view. He constantly tells Steve how he should behave but ironically he’s quite happy to “misbehave” when it suits him. I think Danny has more emotional issues than Steve and Steve is in many ways Danny’s anchor. I think Steve is a lot more perceptive to feelings and emotions than Danny. Maybe this is because Steve has had his own painful experiences and can relate to them a lot more. Steve is always the one extending an emotional olive branch to Danny, never the other way round.

    I’ve never felt that Steve is yearning for what Danny has but recognises the pain Danny has suffered and wants to help. I think he is quite at ease with who he is. That doesn’t mean that he won’t put his laser focused mind and military training to achieving what he wants, or going after those responsible for killing his parents. He has put his military life before personal relationships but that doesn’t mean that he is unhappy with that. He has Catherine and seems very content with the relationship he has with her. We all don’t necassarily want or need full time relationships to feel happy. Steve has plenty of people around him who love him and he seems to be able to adapt and handle what life throws at him easier than Danny can.

    • I agree that Steve is a very compassionate person, and we’ve seen from his interaction with people he knows from the military – Bullfrog, Joe White – that he isn’t a loner and can form relationships (the fact that Bullfrog turned out to be a bad guy isn’t a reflection on Steve, I think most of us have known someone who turned out to be not quite the person we thougth they were). HOWEVER, I don’t think he’s dealt with everything that happened to him at all. In fact, I think that the main point of the character is that he is only now dealing with events that happened twenty years ago, because of the discoveries he is making about his family. These are old wounds for him, that never healed properly at the time. Danny, on the other hand, is dealing with something that is much more recent and raw – like Steve, he had a very normal life until the rug was suddenly pulled from under him and he found himself miles from home and almost everything that was familiar to him, but this had only just happened at the beginning of S1. This is why Steve seems to be so much more balanced. He isn’t – he’s just had years to internalise what happened to him, and now it’s all being dragged back to the surface again. For Danny, it’s all still on the surface. You are so right that Steve ‘recognises the pain Danny has suffered and wants to help’, because, as you say, he IS a compassionate person. This goes right back to Steph’s point that, despite everything that happened to him, he’s still has a good heart – BUT I have no doubt that he was very angry, confused and bitter to begin with.

      I did like your point about Danny being insistent that Steve follows the rules, but being quite willing to bend them when it suits his own purposes. Danny strikes me as someone who knows that he has a strong moral centre and that anything he finds OK automatically falls into the ‘acceptable’ category. He also thinks he’s the authority on how others should behave, but unfortunately doesn’t have anyone to do the same for him because – let’s be honest – Steve is no help at all in this regard! And neither is Kono, for that matter. Danny needs to hang out with Chin more, I think.

      By the way – are you a night owl, or are you a ‘rest of the world’ person like most of us who tend to be posting at this time of day?

  39. Interesting points Debbie.
    Doesn’t Steve have a bit of trouble expressing deep emotions, though? I think Danny does too sometimes, well he doesn’t always want to open up to Steve about what’s bothering him. It’s a bit of a man thing generally.
    They both have many facets to their personalities which makes them so interesting, believable and likeable.
    They’re becoming a bit more like the other as time goes on. They can’t become too interchangeable as we will lose the friction, banter and carguments.

  40. Which ep first got the FUCUPs really hooked?
    I watched and enjoyed right from the start. I loved Scott’s acting from when he first came on screen in the Pilot with Monkey going to the car. Loved the interaction with Steve and Danny.
    I loved Danny’s plea to Rachel in Ep 2 through the door entry system not to take Monkey away from him (‘Please…be kind’).
    But it was the Missouri Episode 1:07 that was the start of getting me REALLY hooked. I saw great acting and intensity from Alex and the bromance was well on its way, (‘You miss me don’t you?). The guest actor was great and it was well written. I started keeping the recordings from then on!

  41. Yeah I love the Pilot too. We had Ep 2 straight after it in the UK – great 2 hours of TV.

  42. I liked it from the start – my nickname for the show was “Hot Men with Guns”. But I think it was that scene in bed that turned me into a FUCUP (I didn’t know you guys existed back then, though.) But when they re-ran the pilot, that’s just awesome! “I hate him, I hate him so much” is one of my “go to” statements in real life now!

  43. And by the way, I’m SO glad you all do exist – otherwise I’d just be a nutty old cougar lusting after a much-younger famous person. Long live the FUCUPs!

  44. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Awww. I feel sick to my stomach. I believe it was either Paula or Foyeur that I mentioned this possibility to. It dawned on me after the Gerard Butler announcement. Ew. I got an ucky feeling in my stomach. And I feel like I wanna cry.

  45. Hey, gals.

    Seems as if we were right after all—Alex really was too skinny and wasn’t doing well: http://www.eonline.com/news/alex_oloughlin_in_treatment_taking/298483#ixzz1o23267ZX

    Here is wishing him lots of love and a speedy recovery.

  46. So, I think I meantioned about how the gang at my former dept put togeher some pics for me for my going away party- here they are- Scott Caan and me – together at last http://scottcaanlifeinphotos.tumblr.com/post/18658369616/scott-caan-and-me-h50-scottcaan-what-my

  47. Ladies- very seriously and nonsardonically- now we know why Alex has been looking so thin- http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_PEOPLE_ALEX_OLOUGHLIN?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT – lets all wish him the best as he recovers from this situation

  48. Miz / Lainie: Thank you so much for the AOL news. I’ve been worried & praying for him for months now and shall certainly continue. I know we are all thinking of him and wishing him a complete and speedy recovery. McMo

  49. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Whoops! big SORRY Maha!!! totally forgot about the more that 1 link thing!!!!

  50. 2.10 here last night. Very non-sardonically wow. It was amazeballs (which was the word du jour on here at the time of the recap).

  51. Yes indeed. One of the most awesome episodes of the season. I hope the show gets back to that level of quality soon. Far too many lacklustre episodes since.

  52. Trailer for Ep 2;19 is out on youtube. Sorry, don’t know how to give you the link. It’s also been tweeted by @Plenkov under ‘Ed!!’

  53. It’s been announced that H50 has been renewed for a third season. Yay!!

  54. On the NCIS-LA crossover, who do people think will have seniority out of Danny and Chin?
    So far I’ve seen Danny ask Chin to do things and check out if it’s ok. I think the fact that Danny was made Steve’s second-in-command hasn’t been altered by Chin’s change in rank.

  55. Opening scene all shirtless and surfing on Waikiki Beach …now this is quality television based in Hawaii! His expression when he said ‘that girl is my sister’ in the blue room. Highlights one and all. Poor Mary, can’t stay out of trouble every time she visits. Anyone? Not jumping a recap – just hitting a few memorable moments while waiting patiently…..on a ledge….

  56. sensitive about surfing buddies comment ….

  57. So cute! A therapy session might be called for…

    • oops, I’m silly…was trying to reply to Lainie’s comment “sensitive about surfing buddies comment ….”
      (air hearts) to everyone!

  58. Loved this episode.
    Thought it had so much of what we love the show for: great story where you care what happens because the team are personally involved, great acting, bromance and ohana in spade loads.

    • Infant_Sardonic

      I ACA Mary Jane. I was having emo day and was feeling down but then show cheered me right up. I really loved this episode. (*yells* Sheila hurry up and come over and watch it!). Such bromance, the ohana, protective Steve, a cool new SEAL shirt for me to obsess over. If he said ma’am or sir I think I’d have just about fallen through the floor. :D

      • I’m in agreement with MJ & infant, this ep was sweeeeeeeet like buttercream. Loved pretty much absolutely everything about it.

      • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

        I love this show, every single thing about it, I love the bromance, I love the writting, the snarky wit. it’s perfect. Love love love it! If I didn’t love a show at least 90% of the time why would I bother watching it? let alone waste my time bitching and moaning about it online…..

  59. Good episode. An interesting story which has been lacking a lot during recent episodes. Ed Esner was great and I loved seeing Mary again. Steve seemed to disapear after the second half and Danny took over which I found odd since the case was about Steve’s sister. But it could have been down to Alex’s health issues. I felt sad knowing what Alex had been going through and again hope he’s on his way back to full health.
    I wish they’ do something different with the Steve/Danny banter. I’m getting tired of Danny’s whining and his constant mocking of everything and everyone that he disagrees with. I thought Steve seemed a bit fed up with it as well. I can’t say I see any real genuine friendship between them anymore. Its just forced and annoying now.
    Loved the cake. I wonder what they put in it.

  60. I neither loved nor hated ep 3:19. Some enjoyable moments. Loved seeing Mary back, wish she’d be back more often. Loved and LMAO’d at the handgun and grenade cakes. But overall it was just sort of “meh” for me. I knew Ed Asner’s character was involved in the diamond heist from the get go.

    • Oh and DUH, I forgot the opening surfing scene…WOW. A nice NICE NICE way to open the show. Shirtlessness and pantlessness. :)

  61. “But overall it was just sort of “meh” for me. I knew Ed Asner’s character was involved in the diamond heist from the get go.”

    I had a pretty good idea as well, but I didn’t think he’d turn out so ruthless. He seemed like a lovable rogue.

  62. That little surprise at the end was nice :)

  63. On the press release that the season 2 finale will involve the killing of “one of their own,” what do you all think? “One of their own” is pretty broad and I just don’t see one of the core 4 eating a bullet. Charlie Fong and his big dong? Max? Kamekona? Shall we kill the governor again?

  64. This may be a little off-topic, but I was standing in the security line at Logan Airport yesterday waiting for the TSA guy to check my ID and looking at his Homeland Security arm patch. Is that what Lori Weston does for DHS? **giggle**

    • Yeah it wouldn’t be a very exciting show if she was killed in the line of duty. Stampeded in the queue perhaps?

      • AnnieOakley (aka Refugee)

        Smacked over the head with the laptop I had to take out of my bag after I tripped over my untied shoelaces?

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