All new Qs + As will be added to the top. So, like, backwards. Or something.

18. Are there any commenting rules?
Why yes! There are, right here.
And keep reading on below…

17. Am I allowed to disagree with someone’s opinion?
Yes. Always. You are always welcome to ALL CAPS DISAGREE with respect for your fellow commenting friend. You are also always free to disagree with me. Else, how will I know which IPs to block?

(Like that time Lainie had a nuclear melt-down about Rac Hell and Mistress Daniel, and talked about for the rest of the summer. We were relentlessin our teasing of her reaction. Sometimes still, I worry she will chuck a care bear at Daniel’s head, in a fit of flashback.)

At Sardonic, we quite often disagree, and we do it with humor. Sometimes, where you comment and we try sardonic / tease respond, you are likely to punch us in our comment. If today is that day, I BESEECH YOU TO PLEASE READ THIS.

16. What is “The FOY”?
Short for The Fountain of Youth, it is the nickname I have (respectfully) given McG’s fun part. Bound by his cargo pants, drinking from it shall surely give you eternal youth. (HI MUM!!)

15. Why can’t I see the “Reply” button to a comment?

Because the site will only allow us to respond 10 times to any one given comment. When we have reached the limit of 10, simply go down to the bottom of the comments and post not as a Reply to any given comment, but rather as a fresh new start.

14. Why did you delete my comment?

There are three reasons for which a comment will be deleted: a) there is even the mildest hint of racism within it; b) it includes personal information about either O’Loughlin’s sibling, or Saxon (until Elder O’Loughlin decides he doesn’t mind that his boy become a part of the public eye, not even a photo of him will be tolerated on this site); and/or c) you are shades of neo-con (as remedy to which, you are better to camp out in Limbaugh’s a.s).

13. Have you recapped before?

No. And not entirely certain I would ever do it again.

12. How do you recap? Do you watch the episodes first before recapping?

As I watch the episode for the first time, I type alongside the open video. The pause button and I know one another intimately and I do not watch first, then type later. The recaps are my real-time response to each episode, and so why in many instances I inject what I think may happen or what my guess is re the solving of the crime. The first episode I recapped, though, I did watch twice.

11. Is there such a thing as a “stupid question”?

Yes. There are many such instances of “stupid question.” As I fall squarely into category of “stupid girl,” I love “stupid questions,” so please send all my way.

10. Why isn’t this reading like Fan Fiction?

Because it is not. As the title of the site suggests, these are lunatic comprehensive recaps. Most important however, is that I would never slander writers of Fan Fic by indicating that my lunacy belongs in their same and much more creative category.

9. Can you write me into a recap?

No. Only one person whom I don’t in fact know will ever be written into one episode — season 1’s 20th — because she’s smokin’ and has freckles (and also because she asked nice, lmk66). SCOTT CAAN!! CALL HER!!

8. Who is your favourite character?

The Hawaii 5-0 Super Duper Tabletop Computer.

7. Don’t you love Alex / Scott / Daniel / Grace?

Until the entire show (not merely a season) is completely over, I have decided to avoid reading interviews / information about the cast members or the show itself. This fact means that (a) my recaps rest purely on my own foolishness; and, (b) I don’t know much of anything about the personal lives of these actors.

All websites and blogs referenced on the H50 Web page, I avoid like the plague for reason (a) above.

In the interest of full disclosure, on April 1st I watched this one complete Alex O’Loughlin interview with Brad Blanks, of whom I have requested that next he interview O’Loughlin, he seek a comparative anaylsis between JLo’s bottom and that of Scott Caan’s. (He has agreed to do so.)

6. Do you really provide s.xing favours?

No. Even though I regularly stand on street corners and attempt to engage unknowns in conversation, I’m not in fact a hooker. Thanks for asking, though.

5. How can I contact you?


4. Why are you doing this?

Gunning for a ride on The FOY. If that fails, then possibly the opportunity to work with the minds who created Feed.

3. How long does it take to recap an episode?

The recaps range from 4,500 words to 8,500 words. Each recap taken anywhere between 5 – 9 hours in total.

2. How many people are recapping? Do you have a life? How can you do this on your own?

One. Not really. With much caffeine.

1. Do you know Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park and / or Daniel Dae Kim? Can you contact…? Can you tell me something about…?

No. I don’t know anything or anyone and if I did, I surely wouldn’t be discussing it in public.

Respectfully, please don’t send me any interviews / bits of information about these actors, be they pertinent to their personal lives or professional careers. My aim is to ensure that these recaps are as pure as possible, and that means limiting extra curricular information to the best of my ability. (Please see response to Q7 below.)

2 responses to “FAQ

  1. I have a burning desire to know how the hell the FOY got its name????

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