1.24 – Oia’i’o / Trust

Editorial note: I fear that the finale *will* run over 8 pages. Beg your forgiveness in advance.

Additionally. Whereas I have in the past made every page 1000 – 1400 words, I have instead made it so that each page is 500 words strong.

Elvis is singing to me. My initial instinct is to wonder why Daniel is in bed chatting with McG who is maybe making breakfast, but it’s weird that he’s not in a t-shirt. But I am wrong, because there is no McG, rather only a Rachel.

Jesus. Where Mistress Daniel’s a twat, Cheater Rachel’s an even bigger one.

I don’t know what to tell you, readers. Honest. I know where I stand on this issue myself; I prefer individuals who have integrity. And someone who doesn’t cheat on their partner, is an individual of integrity. Additionally, someone of integrity who falls in love outside of the borders of their own marriage would first tell their partner, and then start s.xing elsewhere. Not the other way around.

Rachel, who I otherwise have loved increasingly all season, and whom I wanted to reconcile with Daniel, she is currently a woman with very little integrity. Daniel’s decision to be a mistress serves as a for-sh.t reflection on him as well.

That said, here’s something to consider: possibly, the Writers needed to show Daniel in a light which is not – as per everyday normal standard – entirely morally righteous. This is a major chink in the character of Daniel, and my hope is that this is meant to rattle us a little where he is concerned on purpose. For what purpose, I don’t yet know. Else, I honestly don’t understand the necessity of this storyline. It doesn’t make him or Rachel appealing, and this, with him serving as one of the two major leads of this show, could ultimately prove to be a devastating move.

Both Daniel and Rachel have just lost many fans, and the recovery process will be long. Please let the record show that these two are currently on a Time Out at Sardonic.

Chin is handed back his HPD shield. HPD has recognised that he is a man of great character (unlike Mistress Daniel) and the HPD would like to reinstate him as a Lieutenant. Chin, though appreciating the offer, declines and says how he would rather Hugsies McG and The 5-0s, because HPD have already bent him over a table and nailed him S.x Boot Camp McG Styles. Fool me once…

Sidebar: As the penultimate episode generated over 100 comments, I can not recall to whom I should attribute the following. Forgive. One of you lovelies challenged my notion that Daniel has always served as moral compass, instead stating that it is in fact Chin. I am now on board with this 100%. Chin is – beyond the shadow of any doubt – the one who serves as moral compass in this group. Please remind me if I fall out from this position.

Continued on page 2.

278 responses to “1.24 – Oia’i’o / Trust

  1. YAY! Finale recap – finally!

    BOO! Finale recap. Just, BOO. :(

    Now you know why we were aflutter after May 16th. After the penultimate epi I was defending Danny/Rach- thinking that no way were they B.WHITING it, I just thought that they were coming to a realization that they wanted to be together. Well, who was wrong on that one {{raises hand}}? I hope that it serves to give Danny a storyline that will, in the end, turn out the way we expect it to.
    While defending Danny, I did say that sometimes when you get the one thing you *think* you want, you don’t stop to think about the repercussions or how you are going to actually make it work. You are just so happy to get it, all those pesky details go by the wayside. I think that Danny will wise up and realize that they need to take things at a slower pace.

    • I was hoping that they weren’t B.Whiting it either, but for me — there is no return from this where Mistress is concerned.

      Bcus though he got Cheater back, the ends don’t justify the means.

      Unless he acknowledges he fkd another man BIG TIME and shows contrition for this action (which he sure as hell doesn’t show now), it will be a long and ugly haul back to caring for Daniel.

      Big big mistake (for me) in the storyline. Because the damage is done; he was fkng a married woman. The reprecussions of which — lest we are in Disneyland — ought to be HUGE.

      Not to mention the awesome character this displays where his daughter is concerned. Both he and Rachel.

      Ok. I have to remind myself these people are v not real.

      (Sorry but I have seen first hand what this behavior does to people and families; I have watched people I love fiercely wake up to discover that their husband is cheating on them. My reaction to Mistress is extra hot due to this.)

      These people are not real. These people are not real. These people are not real. These people are not real.

      • No, I do see how Danny’s character could be irreparably damaged from this – and it is especially shocking because we have had no previous inkling of his scumbag status. That is why I am hoping that something comes to light to explain away this turn of events.

        I too have seen the implosion of someone’s life due to a cheating b.stard. I dream of a time in the future that he may try to confront me to speak his side, not that he will ever get a chance to speak because I will be telling him what I really think of him. However, I would gleefully give up this future opportunity to be able to watch my NOT McG tell this b.stard what HE really thinks of him (as it was NOT McG’s sis that this happened to)
        I maintain the hope that @PLenkov knows WTF he is doing.

        • Kimmer.

          It happened to one of my best friends in the world. To receive her call *weeping* when she is probably one of the most light-hearted and kind and gentle and coolest women I have ever met? I was fkn devastated.

          Worst part is, her c0ck-up of a husband was having an affair with his “best friend” and so would have committed the same morally wanting acrobatics to justify his behavior.

          I too dream of the moment I may one day run into him. I am not as forgiving as you in this regard because I wouldn’t give him the chance to explain. I would a.smash him to pieces, verbally.

          • Re-read what I wrote – he would not get the chance to speak either, because 1) I could care less what that POS had to say, and 2) my mouth would be going like a whipperwill’s ass about his POS-edness.

            And I have no doubt that you could a..smash him verbally, better than McG could a..smash someone physically.
            Hugsies to you AND your friend.

  2. Now you know why Danno and I ended our imaginary virtual gf/bf relationship. It is impossible to “date” someone so in love with their ex that they would throw caution and morals to the wind to sleep with them.

  3. ESS (formerly known as SPI93)

    I think they were just giving Danny room to grow. They have put him on a pedestal for much of season 1 and needed to humanize him. Not sure this was the greatest way to do it….but it’s done. Being married myself I have strong personal feelings about it but it doesn’t make me dislike him. In fact I am probably looking forward more now than ever to see what they do with this character.
    Chin – Yes, he is the moral compass. Even in doing the wrong thing, it’s always for the right reason.

    • Agreed re Chin.

      I have a sense that the Writers are going to give Mistress a v heavy moral beating next Season, in which he will be forced to grow 2 additional inches on his pompadour.

      I think Rachel is going to either lose the baby (on purpose or otherwise), or it’s going to come out half-brownie because I keep thinking this is Nip/F-ck.

      I want to see the conversation where he explains to Monkey how this behavior of his and Mommy’s is something which she could emulate when older. That may make me take him off the Time Out. Because I believe that it’s in such moments — when we face our children and either choose to stand on the moral high-ground or not — that we are heavily defined.

      As my womb remains unused, this is why I am of low moral character.

      Hi all; find me at http://www.onefemalecanuck.com

      • I still think baby is Stans or was just ploy to get he who shall not be named to leave HI, because StepStan is a v v slimy man involved with WO FAT. I think cheater overheard StepStan and wanted to make sure mistress left with her for sure. Hence, the midnight train to GA (or in this case the non-exist red eye to Newark from HI- I live in NJ and Hawaiian Air does not fly direct to Newark- PLENKOV, MY DEAR, PLEASE CALL ME FOR HELP WITH NJ (btw, you do know he is from Canada right- OOOOHHHH CANADA! )

      • “I want to see the conversation where he explains to Monkey how this behavior of his and Mommy’s is something which she could emulate when older.”

        My friend and I thought the exact same thing. Exactly how do they intend to explain this to Monkey and make it seem ok (which it isn’t ,so good luck with that Daniel…who is currently in my bad books, this being the first reason). What annoyed me too was despite cheating on Stan she still drove his Mercedes around and even took a limo? (on whose paycheck?) to the airport. And where is she going to in Jersey? Did she keep her house there???? Because she literally can’t stay in Hawaii another minute?

        • bothers me too that Rachel headed “home” to NJ – what home? wouldn’t she have sold that 2 bedroom in Weehawken that she got in the divorce when she married StepStan. she had to have been with StepStan for at least 2-3 years, so where the heck was she going- back to Danno’s family- Seriously? this was def a WOOOH FAT influenced flee. Otherwise, she is even more selfish or daft than I think she is.

  4. for me this was also a bit much … hugsies I was ok with … hugsies in the hospital … ok … they were just realizing there was something there … but then this ! where was Monkey I wonder … with stepstan !!!! … yes … didn’t sit well with me

  5. While devastation reigns that this is the finale re-cap which=no SARDONIC all summer (BOO!)The image of McG making Danny’s breakfast(in my mind this involves pantlessness and a little apron)made me laugh.

  6. Danny’s pompadour should be wearing a big scarlet “A”.

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  8. Count me in…I did not like this D & R story line at all. I don’t know why it was even written. I found this Finale to be a wild, frantic, enjoyable, but also disturbing ride, containing both brillant and rediculous moments. Many times, I felt the writers were just tossing around stupid plot twists just to shock viewers, since they did not fit logically with past storylines & some just didn’t make any sense at all. Lenkov’s got some huge fixes to make come Fall. G

    • For me, Maureen, the biggest fix has to be about Mistress.

      I have a thoery which I didn’t share in the recap:

      1) Rachel is in cahoots w/ StepStan
      2) Planned to seduce Mistress + get him out of the way
      3) To hurt McG

      Rachel is not preggo.
      She eventually gets hauled off to jail.
      Daniel has full custody of Monkey.
      Marries Special K.
      Rues his foolishness for being a Mistress.
      We forgive him.
      He lives happily ever after.

      …or something.

  9. I like that scenario. It gets Mistress Pompadour out of the baby making pickle he is in now. I still think that he needs to go to confession though.

    I have been thinking that Danny needs to be the one to break off the relationship this time, bringing closure for him with his divorce. This would free him up to find love again. “ready to take a chance again/ready to put my love on the line with you….” gotta love the Manilow.

    • OMG..just heard that song yesterday and was thinking how much I loved it. btw, I have seen Barry Manilow in concert. have also seen Bon Jovi, before you think me total dork. will see anyone live in concert. love all live music. TICKETMASTER< CALL ME!

      • I would a.smash someone to see Billy Joel and his v large googly eyes in concert. Just to see the light shine off of them.

        I too have seen Bon Jovi years back….and last concert was the Black Keys.

        I have stopped going to large venues because they’re usually lame. If the band’s too big to play an intimate venue, I won’t attend. (Unless it’s someone epic like U2…who may be the only ones, in fact.)

    • He needs to break it off, and then he needs to face StepStan like a man. That would redeem him in my eyes.

      Because we are all allowed to fk the dog once in a while — but only if we show contrition post major fk-up. This is one such “major fk-up” in my books.

      • the fact that cheater wouldn’t let mistress confront stepstan with her leads me to believe she never did confront stan (packed and ran in the middle of the night) either because she is preggos with his baby and didn’t want him to know or he was in like flynn with WOOOH FAT and she wanted to get mistress away quickly. either way, the affair is not easily dismissed. i think scene in s2 will still come where stepstan shows up at danno’s doorstep looking for rachel. MARK MY WORD!

  10. M – I like your thoughts.
    It made no sense she needed to get off the island immediately (yeah, wouldn’t we all leave paradise for NJ) so the writers are holding info back about this, but my bet is wherever they go…it won’t make logical sense. G

    • I think that no matter what the theory…the bottom line is that Mistress made a CHOICE to be involved with a married woman, and there is no returning from that choice either elegantly or with moral order fully intact as before. It’s just not possible. (For me, anyway.)

  11. Same message!

    Sardonic? Can you make a subscribe button on your personal blog for us? I wanmt to keep up to date on your stuff and would subscribe right away if you gave that option

    Do you guys ageree?

  12. Ladies.

    This is where you can read about my summer stuffs, if you would like: http://www.onefemalecanuck.com/2011/06/welcome-back-to-the-new-site

    I am trying to figure out how to add a “Subscription” button but I suck at html and so am having a v v hard time doing this. (Sorry Red Roses! I’ll keep working on it…)


  13. I just watched the finale finally.

    I will have to comment tomorrow. Can’t think stragiht.

  14. Ok, here goes.

    The Danno/Rachel thing…no big surprise because I read it here first. I think this plot line was just plonked in here without much thought, unless of course as some of you say, Rachel has a hidden agenda re Wo Fat/Stepstan. My Not McG was like all WTF when this scene happened. He thought he missed something from the previous episode. I think there is going to be lots of explaining from the writers in S2.

    • Yes. SEE! Even Not McG’s were WTF-ing all over the world. Thank you, Westy!

    • My friend has issues with McG being ok about Danny and Rachel…then I had issues with McG not having issues about DnR :S

    • Oh my goodness westy, it’s like a separated at birth moment. I feel exactly the same. The whole thing seemed really rushed, just thrown in to make everyone go ‘Whhaaaatttt!!!’
      My Not McG turned, looked at me and went ‘how long has this been going on, did I fall asleep and miss a major story line! ‘ Bless, he is just as clueless as the rest of us.

      I have no clue as to how the writers will redeem themselves for this major f**kup?!?

      • That would be major FUCUP (see sardonictionary) :)
        I would like to see Rachel get exploded, that way Grace gets to stay in Hawaii with Danno, and he can find a nicegirlfromNewJerseywhojusthappenstobeinHawaiionvacation and they can live a long and happy life together because she loves him with rainbows and butterflies and soft serve vanilla ice cream.
        I am watching out for you, Lainie!

        • @westy *melting* :)
          @jayne – its been 2 months and I still can’t figure it out- only way to redeem for me is :
          1- not Danno’s baby, but StepStan’s baby instead
          2-no baby at all- she lied to get him away from WOAH FAT and StepStan, who is in like flynn with WOAH FAT
          3-was just a dream

          Otherwise, woooooahhhh is me

          • The only way for there to be redemption for me is that Daniel fesses up to it in front of StepStan (even though I hate him, it’s the right thing to do).
            Take his lumps from StepStan.
            Say to Monkey: “Your mom and I made a mistake because sometimes that’s what people in love do. I want you to grow up to be better than me.”
            Then I would be happy.

      • I really believe that the collective Not McGs must start commenting here, too.

  15. Does McG even know that about those two-timing adulterers?

    • well surely he can put it all together since he knows Danny and Rachel are back together…he might not know how together though, I suppose. But I forgave McDejectedLooking about three mintues into this ep so it’s all gravy.

  16. Hi Lainiek – I think RacHell is lying about being pregnant too. She just added that tidbit as additional incentive in persuading ‘Nameless’ to get the Hell out of Paradise…immediately. I’m guessing Woah Fat is behind it somehow, but I don’t think StepStan is in cahoots with him. We shall soon see…damn isn’t it Sept. yet? G

  17. Am I the first one to notice this??
    Check it out – at 1:06 when McG is doing pushups in his cell…what is written on the wall! Sooo funny :)

    (And OMG, his FACE when he was told he had a visitor. I.died. I am in love with him even more) How is that possible?

    I forget if you’re watching promos or not. I am confused.

  19. WESTY: OMG. Where do you find such McWonderful sightings. You are awesome.
    **SPOILER”” I guess, I can’t tell if our Mama Maha has watched this clip not. Is she ok? She not be typing too good.
    Anyway, this is the very first time I’ve seen McHardAss NOT be the Alpha Male in the room or cell or anywhere. Wow, I was shocked seeing him so submissive. This should be one heck of a good story line. Is it Monday yet? G

    • McHardAss not being Alpha – are you talking about because he says “sir” and is submissive to his Commander? It’s hot. Especially to Grace.

      Monday – I have never tried to wish a weekend away so fast in my life. True.story.

      • I’m also confused, when is he submissive?

        Ess, yes h50 is/used to be on Sunday’s here. It should be on a Thursday or something so I don’t wish my entire weekend away. ;)

        Sir…and ma’am….which he might not say so much any more now that the Governor is a SPOILER WARNING FOR M SPOILER WARNING FOR M, guy.

        Sir and ma’am = super happy face…and also DIES.

    • Grandmama, it was Ess who found the promo clip. I cannot take credit. I will take credit for the ‘SHEILA’ sighting though, because I cannot believe that no other FUCUPS mentioned it!
      Of course, if they stopped slobbering over McG for a couple of seconds, they might have noticed it sooner. :)

      • Honestly, despite it being so awesomely FUCUP-ish, we really should be making FUN of you for the ‘SHEILA’ sighting because, HELLO! – McG was burning up the screen at the time.

        • Hell, I watched it & I didn’t even notice a wall, let alone a word on itl. Its sad but Westy watches things for plots :)
          Poor Westy x

          • Silly Westy. I dropped that habit awhile back. Actually I heard yesterday I think, that it was 6 months since Japan earthquake. That makes it 6 months since I saw the Japan PSA and 6 months since I discovered the Aussie accent. So 6 months since I stopped watching for plot. At least on the first viewing…

        • I told Coach Jeff Blair that because I am a Team Player, I will gladly sit on Alex’s back next he does push-ups as extra weight.

          He smile tweeted back.

          Because I did not tell him that by “sit on Alex’s back”, I really meant “hang off his front, naked and crying.”

  20. I think the “Sheila” reference was meant to be a “shout out” to all his Aussie fans. G

  21. KIMMER: Don’t feel bad…at least you MADE THE LIST. Just think how ESS & Granny feel right now.

  22. KIMMER: Don’t feel bad..at least you MADE THE LIST. Just think how ESS and Granny feel.

  23. Oop sorry for the duplicate. I keep losing my connection here & then it prints stuff after it tells me it’s lost. Oy Vey!

    ESS/GRACIE – I felt McG was submissive towards Joe White not because of what he said, but because of his body language. Several times he broke eye contact & looked down and away. I’ve never seen McG do this, not with the Designing Mayor, whom he also respected (well, up until he figured out she was a treacherous, murdering whore) & not with every bureaucrat or low life he’s been up against. McG is always the “Alpha” in the room & I felt with his mentor he wasn’t. It surprised & also excited me because I think this relationship could (come on writers, you can do it) really be something special & interesting to watch. I also got the impression Joe is a strong Father figure to McG (I could be wrong, Lord knows.) I can’t wait to see these two (characters & actors) interact in S-2. Is it Monday YET??? G

  24. Maha – I’m not going outside to rally my townfolk for nothing…They’re shooting Granny’s in Mall parking lots around these here parts. (Good God, you have to be pack’en to go shopp’en.) G

  25. Kimmer: I love you….you little countdowner you. Too funny.
    How about it..I have really high hopes for these two. Great stories are within reach here & really good acting to enjoy. Writers don’t fail us now. G

    • GrannyMo, you may not have heard this since you do not Tweet but Peter Lenkov wrote on Monday night that while he thought Alex was INCREDIBLE in the finale last year, he says that S2E1 is Alex’s finest performance yet. SQUEE!!

      He better be right!! Lets just hope they don’t give him great stuff at the beginning and then ignore him again. If they learned anything about last year, hopefully they learned that ignoring your lead’s character development leads to a ratings decline. Stories and ratings both suffered. I don’t believe it’s a coinkidink.

      • Yes, pleeeeaase let us have steady writing throughout the season. My heart can’t take the ups and downs!

        Hmmm,,, yes, McG as submissive… if only on occasion…. yes, me likey.

  26. ESS – *SPOILER??* Lenkov said AOL is even more incredible in S2,E1. Wow, I’m really stoked now. The McGarrett character has, by far, the most exciting, complex & interesting back story, plus they have a performer with the acting chops & physicality to deliver the goods. Great to know Lenkov realizes this. Let’s just pray the writers can deliver on their end. This is exciting news. G

    • Granny – had to share this with you. From SOTB, courtesy of friends on twitter.


      Hope it works !
      lb. xxoo

    • Dear GmaMo, ALL CAPS AGREEING with every word you just said. Every.word.

    • Are we allowed to comment on what we would *like* to see on S2? Like there are a couple of story lines I think would work in well, but I do.not.want.to.have to apologise in several places using ALL CAPS, email, fax, text, send telegrams,rent bi-planes or light fires again for violating Mama’s terms and conditions of Sardonic. :)
      These story lines are of course, separate to the two we all want to see…pantsless McG and s.x boot camp.

      • Go for it!
        I’ll start.

        I wish to see a Cargo Pants thief.

        • “I wish to see a Cargo Pants thief.”
          You and every.body.else. :)

          I would like them to send McG off to Pakistan with Seal Team 6. Just for one epi. Even if we don’t see them doing the actual deed, just the training for the op would be enough. It makes sense, because he is, according to his superiors ‘the best they’ve ever seen’. And we would get to see him in camo (hopefully the right colour this time), tire face! and there could be lots of as.smashing :)
          Of course, the rest of the five-o’s wouldn’t know where he was or what he was doing except that it was some secret op. Then when it was announced on the news, they would deduce and McG could come back and they could all pick up where they left off.
          Anyway, that’s what I’d like to see!
          I have more, but I forget what they are right now :) (A couple of wines will do that to me).

      • Still.killing.me, westy. days later!

  27. IB: Darn, thanks for trying. What was it? G

  28. A photo ! I haven’t given up yet. Hang tight.

  29. IB: OMG..I love it!!! .How can one man be so fking adorable every damn time a flash bulb goes off in his face? It’s just not humanly possible to be this photogenic. Who is he winking at? I know…Mama Maha and all her little FUCUPs, that who. Thanks for the treat, made my night. G

    • It is SO humanely possible! I DO IT EVERY DAY. I am v v photogenic. Just ask my mom.

      • I look terrible in photos….I hate photos….I always like to take photos because then I am not in the photo. My own personal Life Trix!

        I am therefore jealous of photogenic people like you and AOL and everyone other photogenic person out there ;)

  30. Granny-Mo: ‘How can one man be so fking adorable every damn time a flash bulb goes off in his face!’

    One of the seven wonders of the world, eh ?

    Yummy man !

  31. Whoopsie..Up above, I called the X-Designing Governor, Mayor, in error. Sorry. That’ll teach me to watch the news while commenting.
    I had to watch the McG in prison clip again, big surprise, and a thought popped in my head. In the real world & if H50 & characters were really real (wait,what) when White said to McG “Let me guess, the Gov. had it coming,” can you imagine the REAL dialogue these two would have exchanged? I can’t even type the words that would have flew between them. Now THIS would be exciting TV. G

    • Sometimes I like to sit back and wonder what kind of show this would be if it was on cable, not CBS. Forget shirtlessness, we’d be getting the bum shots for sure. Ok really, that’s about as far as I got…

      • Hawaii Five0 on cable !! the bts video clip you posted, when he said ‘faaaaaaaaack’. Hysterical.
        On cable we would have, verbal p0rn, neck p0rn, eye p0rn, and tat p0rn, plain naaakid p0rn !
        Whew, isitgettinhotinhere !

    • It’s not REAL?!? ;)

  32. Yes Mama Maha…You ARE one of those rare & amazingly adorable Wonders of the World…and we love you. I hope you are resting up Cheeky Monkey cause Monday’s almost here. Hallelujah!!!! Our beloved recaps are within reach & we can’t wait. Hugsies, G

  33. ESS – Good Lord, cable.. can you imagine. We would never leave the TV. And that wild & crazy Kimmer would be pawing, licking and most likely, eating the screen. Well, actually, all of us would. G

  34. Maha – “EP outlining, step by step, McG taking a shower.” You are such a little hound dog Cheeky Monkey & that’s why YOU are the most beloved leader of the FUCUP’s. That would be an excellent snip-it by the way. Yummy. They could throw it in the beginning when he’s usually doing all his fitness & home tidying up stuff. And hopefully the writers wouldn’t have him wearing his wet suit in the shower.
    Hey, the 5-0’s did fk up big time & didn’t catch the bad guy in under 42 minutes. Have you forgotten the “finale” already? Lord, it does seem like it’s been foreverrrrrrr. YEAH! Monday’s almost here. G

  35. Well, as y’all know, I have been quite harsh on the H50 writers all through S-1, but after trying to come up with what I would like to see in S-2, I must confess, I now see how difficult writing a weekly TV series can be. OK, MAHA, you were right…again. (Sidebar: I have taken Lenkov’s face off my “Damnit Doll’s” arse & she will no longer be a.s-smashed against the wall.)
    **SPOILER ?? **
    I, like WESTY, would love to see more SEAL action brought into the storylines. Since McG experienced so many tumultuous events in S-1, pretty much lost his mind in the finale, is currently locked in a 6×8 cell & now has his mentor/Father figure back in his life, I’m thinking “flashbacks.” I’m pretty sure his fractured mind is just about ready for some hair raising memories to make an appearance. They could answer many questions, provide exciting action & still not take too much time away from the H50 criminal story lines, which after all, is what this series is about. (I know, I know, we would all love a show just about McG.) Oh, & many shirtless/pantsless scenes would be most welcomed. Actually, they would be my wish #1…….with a bullet. G

  36. WESTY: “It’s not real?” That’s what everyone keeps telling me. But you and I know it’s really real in our dreamy dreams.

    Ib: Thanks again for posting the delicious picture. I must have looked at it 10 times already & I think I’m going in for an eleventh. Hugsies,G

    • Granny, you must take a peek at Ess’s other photos on her link below. That little Miss Perv . 
      warning tho, you will get lost in the awesomeness of AOL photos.

      29 hrs and some odd minutes to go !

  37. My wish list:
    ~I also hope for more SEAL action. Explore McG’s military background more.
    ~More epic as.mashing!! (sorry Alex…I know this makes you earn you $$ more than anyone else. But it’s just so..epic!) I will gladly kiss your boo boos.
    ** most specifically I need McG/Hess & McG/WoFat as.mashing to happen.
    ~McG sister time! and a flashback to at least ONE happy family memory.
    ~More Gracie Monkey & Uncle Steve time!! (the two of them at SOTB. Ridiculously cute. The entire crowd went AWWWW! He’s such a DILF)
    ~More range for Danno other than him getting irritated with McG. Funny..but it’s a bit over done now.
    ~Bad Ass Chin – I know he has it in him. He had to play it safe in S1. Now that it’s over, I’d like to see him as.mashing with McG! Double team!
    ***How epic would Chin/WoFat as.mashing be? YEAH!
    ~Chin needs some lovin – just putting that out there
    ~Kono – Anything. Anything please…
    ~Kamekona – Why is he a felon? What’s this dark side of Kamekona?
    ~We need more Sang Min….with Apolo Ohno guesting as his accomplice
    ~More Victor Hess. Please do not kill him off! He needs to be around forever.
    ~Return of Grandpa from Jack in the Box episode. McG & Grandpa time!!!

    And above ALL – NO S.XING TIMES BETWEEN THE MAIN CHARACTERS! MCG & LORI & DANNO I AM SPEAKING TO YOU!! There are 950,000 other people on that island to s.x. Please pic one of them. A personally would love to see them with a local.

    • I agree with the no s.xing comments by Ess. I would even welcome Cath back to be McG’s booty call (because that’s all I think she is, and to help him out when he needs someone located) *if* it means he stays away from the people.he.works.with.
      He needs to meet a nice girl who is unconnected with the criminal element and the military. Someone who will understand his job, but can bring a nice balance to his life. MEMEMEME!! Pick me!

    • Dearest Ess,
      I really wish you would have put some thought into this ! 
      me thinks you’ve left no stone unturned,
      Thank you

  38. He so needs someone with innocent eyes so he can live permanently in protective SEAL mode. Urgo. Me! Me! Me!

    And if Infant Sardonic doesn’t work as a pet name, jail bait could work ;)

  39. Sheila and I just rewatched the finale…she LAUGHED at me because while she was looking up wedding stuff for our friend, I was sitting there glued to the screen. She better get used to it because it’s how I intend to watch the season 2 opener :P

    Also, no reaction to the Sheila on the wall….I think we were more excited then her…though she did laugh at the “se.ing her with your eyes” bit.

    • But she did say she would think about going to SOTB next year….

      • Aaaargh! I’m so jellis! If you go, please make sure you get near the front, and get to speak to AOL. Also please have a sign ready for him to hold while someone takes your pic. The sign should read ‘G’day, Westy.’

        • On the back of the sign will be little notes for me.

          1. Say “Hello, Alex.”
          2. Your name is Grace.
          3. Speak in your natural Australian accent so he will be all “mate you sheila’s are from Australia!”

          It’s early days Westy, I wouldn’t hold my breath on us going, we’re just both dying to go back to the US so we dream about it often.

  40. “Give pants to homeless person or burn them.” “Form line-up behind Westy, else it will become a McG Sl.tpile.” OMG, too funny. You guys are on a roll today.

    I wanted to go to the SOTB so bad this year too. I kept dreaming of us all matriculating down the beach, hand in hand, singing Westy’s poem/song, in search of the ever elusive FOY. (Oh yeah, with all of Westy’s ninja koalas in tow.) EPIC ! G

  41. GRACIE: And if you come to the Midwest, ie Chicago, keep in mind I’m here. (We all know you are the adventurous type.) g

    ESS: Girl, you’ve got alot of wishes for S-2 & I like them all, esp. Grandpa from the junk yard. He was a so adorable. Certainly they can find a spot for his character to return for an Ep or two.
    You sure do love your “a.s-smashings.” So do I. Poor AOL, I fear this show is going to put him in the hospital.
    “950,000 other people on the island.” Yep, there has got to be someone for our 5-0’s other than a co-workers or cops. And please, please, not Lauren the German for McG. (WESTY, why is she still around? I thought you were sending some ninja koalas to take her OUT! Yep, I’m still green with envy.)
    Oh, ESS, what does DILF mean?? g

    • I visited Chicago with Sheila last year. We were there for about 4 days. :) I could be a smart ar.e and say windy, but it wasn’t that windy ;).

  42. Well them dating other cops or people in the military makes sense because they will best understand their lifestyle and will best have an excuse to be gone most of the time. But I’d still like to see them with a local.
    DILF (Dad I’d like to Fk) had only heard of MILF until someone called Alex a DILF. Usually when he’s being great with a kid. You see the Dad in him come out…and then you want to fk him even more. Lol. At SOTB when they brought Alex up on stage he went over to Teilor and held hand out to give high five and she LAUNCHED herself at him and threw herself around his neck. The look of pure joy on her face. The entire place went ‘awwww’. The same thing happened at the Blessing ceremony on first day of shooting.

    • I also would LAUNCH myself at AOL if I saw him. I can’t say that I would be aiming for his neck though, I think I would be aiming for somewhere lower. Can guarantee anyone watching would not be going Awwww!

    • I would throw the kid off stage for a piece of McG a.s.

    • Sheila and I rewatched ep 3 aka the episode with Danny pouring his heart and soul out to the maid via the intercom about why he should get to keep custody of Gracie monkey. It still kills me. Luckily a Steve scene follows quickly or else, ekkkk (my brain can not handle this much confusion ;)). Better yet that scene when Uncle Steve went and picked Gracie monkey up from school. DILF indeed.

  43. ESS: It’s almost here!!!!! I’m so excited. Doesn’t it seem like it’s been decades???
    ***SPOILER ALERT****
    I’m so excited for you….I just read somewhere(?) of the a.s-smashing that will be taking place with our man & one of your favorites in ep1. Of course, I’m sure you know all about it. Because, I swear, nothing gets past any of you little FUCUP’s. It’s going to be soooooo good. Did I tell you, I can wait…… Hugsies, G

  44. ESS: OMG!! DILF. You win the prize today..causing me to spit my coffee all over the keyboard. I’ve never heard of MILF either. I didn’t watch the entire SOTB thing but I did see Alex & crew on stage. I didn’t catch the Teilor launching though which I would really have liked to see. How the hell did I miss it? Smart little tike, isn’t she? G

  45. Thanks ESS, You are the best!!. How cute was that? She didn’t hang on for very long though. You just know they would need the “Jaws of Life” to get any one of the FUCUP’s off of him. I truly believe he’s a genuine good guy. I really hope mega success doesn’t change him. G

  46. JAYNE: Oh please let GILF mean Grannys, etc,etc,etc & McG is saying it…..to me. Oh, please, please, please. G

  47. JAYNE: No, none of us would be saying awwww. We would all be too busy trying to push you out of the way and dodging flying ninja koalas being launched by you know who. Hugsies, G

  48. JAYNE: OMG !! “doing this whilst walking a la “The Monkey’s” Absolutely HYSTERICAL reference. I used to laugh everytime I saw that scene on TV & you just made me burst out loud laughing right now. If there were anyone with me today, they would surely think I’ve gone totally crazy. You guys are way toooooo much today. G

    • OMG, Jayne – the Monkees theme song!!!! You’re killing me. I think ‘our’ anthem may have to be reserved for more sombre and serious occasions. Therefore, I give you ‘The FUCUPS Theme Song’ (obvi sung to tune of The Monkees Theme Song <<<<clarica)

      Here we come
      Walking down the beach
      we get the funniest looks from
      everyone we meet.

      Hey, hey we're the FUCUPS
      and people say we fuc around.
      But we're too busy trying
      to pull McG’s pants down

      We try lining up to the right
      Doesn’t always work that way.
      It often turns into a sl.tpile
      But we just wanna play.

      Hey, hey we're the FUCUPS
      and people say we fuc around.
      But we're too busy trying
      to pull McG’s pants down

      We're just trying to be friendly,
      Don’t wanna scare McG away
      We're a cross generation,
      and we just want him to play

      Hey, hey we're the FUCUPS
      Sardonic is where we’ll be found
      So McG better get ready
      We will be coming around

      Hey, hey we're the FUCUPS
      and people say we fuc around.
      But we're too busy trying
      To pull McG’s pants down

  49. IB – I know, I know….it’s almost here. I’m so excited. It’s going to be GOOD!!
    Got to give it to that Jayne, The Monkey’s theme was a hysterical reference. For the life of me I can’t remember the words past the 3rd line “? ? everyone we meet.” You just know if we knew the words we all could mesh Westy’s poem/song/anthem into it. I can, however, see the 4 of them clear as a bell walking that silly walk. Hillareous. G

  50. I heart you all with care bears, and sprinkles, and boys named Scott, but had to unsubscribe from these recap pages due to email overload. ;) So, if you need me to read anything on this page, pls tweet me. ps- only the 1.24 Trust pages. You girls are crazy, but I still heart you. pss- will be in 3 day conference with no access to internet except little android phone, which is why needed to make sure emails were trimmed down. psssss- *hugsies*

    • No offence taken Lainie, we of course know exactly what you’re talking about. I thank my lucky stars I finally joined the other 99% of my generation and got one of them android phone thingo’s that let me check my emails (at work, on lunch break etc) on my phone otherwise I think I’d log in one day and my email would have killered itself.

    • Heh.

      Sardonic FUCUP’s 1, Droid phone 0.

      See you in a few, Lainie!

  51. psssss-have not unsubscribed from website, just this particular episode recap. pssssss- will resubscribe after conference is over. pssssss- TONIGHT IS SEASON PREMIERE!@!!!!!!!!! :D

  52. Westy – OMG…our SONG is priceless! Awesome! You are a marvel. And like everyone else, I cannot get the damn thing out of my head. Thank God I took the day off work so I can sing it non stop. As a team..we FUCUP’s cannot be beat. SARDONIC UNITY FOREVER! GrannyMo
    (“don’t wanna scare McG away” – oh, I think he’d be scared, very scared)

  53. IB: I was so excited to reply to Westy on her marvelous song, I didn’t read all the comments until now and goodness, we said almost the same thing. Amazing, now we’re all starting to really think alike. hehe

    KIMMER: “Dangling FUCUP’s” Good one. I like it.

    MAHA: Yes, we know all too well you would push the adorable kid off the stage. Hell, you also want to throw her down her school steps not too long ago. And, yes, we would all be right behind you.
    “ninja koalas in baby slings” now there’s a picture only YOU could come up with. OH, Beloved Leader……it’s almost here!!!! Are you ready? Hugsies, Grandmama

  54. GRACIE: Yep, that DILF clip never gets old. On my 6th time viewing, I finally noticed he actually kissed her on her little head. Christ I want to be 9 or whatever again.
    So you didn’t think ChiTown was windy huh? Well, when the wind is really strong off the lake, you can’t stand on certain street corners & if the sidewalks are icy, you can hold up something flat & literally sail down the street. Really. G


      That’s it – my ovaries have stolen my credit cards, wrapped themselves in my panties and are tag-teaming to call the airlines.

      • Thank gawd this isn’t the kind of action that makes the evening news, we would all be arr.ssted. Kimmer your ovaries would be leading the pack.

        Tonight will be EPIC, and on HD no less !

        Whimpering quiety.

    • Granny, maybe it was just the few days I spent there? Also I live on top of a hill so I’m used to the wind so maybe that’s why I didn’t notice it so much? It wasn’t as windy as you describe that’s for sure. We were there in June. Is this a particularly non windy time of year?

  55. Just in case your panties have been napping, this is my new fave !!
    M, mildly ** SPOILERY *** Sorry.


  56. KIMMER. He did, he really, really did. Can he be more fking adorable??? I think not.
    “My ovaries have stolen my credit cards, etc.” You are something else. You know, it is Granny’s dream to be at next years SOTB with her Esteemed Sardonic Queen & all her treasured FUCUP pals. It would be a blast, if we could manage not to pass out from all the excitement that is. (I wonder if they will have it next year. With 10,000 fans this yr, I’m sure the numbers will be off the chart in 2012.) G

    IB “Mildly Spoilery” hehe Yum-O. Love it, thanks. It’s almost here. YEAH! G

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