2.07 — Ka Iwi Kapu / Sacred Bones page 7

Beautiful shots of Hawaii are shared. People are surfing, kayaking, beaching, and I am preparing to wear my parka to get to work.

Daniel has indeed rented the apartment in which Ghost was shot. Kono is helping him unpack for Season 3, and WhyIs-LoHo is wearing a cut off shirt beneath a farmer’s outfit. An outfit just as appropriate as Kono’s cat suit.

Actually. I don’t think it would be such a far stretch for Wardrobe to now remove McG pants, yes? It seems that his pantslessness would be highly a-propos amidst these utterly useless outfits in which the women are forced to dress.

BEAUTIFUL. McG is in a worn pale canary v-neck and it is see-through. BEEEEAAAUUUTTTIIIIFUL.

Daniel’s new landlord comes in to have him finalize and sign the contract, and before he does, he mentions the woman he met earlier in the episode (the one who was gardening and had a wee dog; the one who told him that the elevator wasn’t working). Turns out that she be dead. Fell down the elevator shaft five years ago. Upon hearing this, Daniel wets himself and runs out of the apartment.


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120 responses to “2.07 — Ka Iwi Kapu / Sacred Bones page 7

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  2. The show didn’t end after McG walked in wearing the canary shirt. I will have to rewatch, I must have been in a daze.O Hot Hot Hot and with flip flops and jeans on again. To borrow from Steve. WOW WOW WOW

  3. Why was Danny now so scared of a ghost? I thought he didn´t believe in that after life stuff.
    I think the encountering with the dog lady could have been shot in a way, that it would´ve looked more eerie, this came sort of, out of the blue (her being a ghost).
    But I liked the light funny ending…

  4. All the gang was there when Danny said pack up they were leaving and Steve went running after him. Did Chin and Kono go too and leave LoHo painting away, that would have been cool.

  5. Karin@notMcNerd

    ACA the yellow shirt! To quote Steve, WOW!

  6. If I had a dollar for every time we’ve heard “Hey Danny, where you going?” I could buy a large bottle of liquor to share with all my FUCUPS. No escape Danno!

  7. Pretty Maha, love the recap !


  8. ACP – Yellow is our mans friend, but blue is still the best.
    Now see, I would have stayed if I discovered that sweet lady with the doggie was a ghost. She was a friendly ghost. Yep, I would have stayed and made friends with her & her little dog too.
    I didn’t love this episode, but it was far from one of the worst. I do wish they would stop throwing bolders at the kick-ass Camaro & blowing up buildings around it though. I would much prefer they throw bolders at PeepToeLoHo.

    MAHA: Thanks for the recap. It was hysterical. I have got to rewatch because I didn’t notice the yellow shirt was see-through. How the fk did I miss that???? Don’t ever get old Cheeky Monkey -it’s a b.tch! Hugsies McMo

    • Love you, Granmama xxo

    • Danny should have stayed! The old lady ghost was a total Casper. But, then we wouldn’t have the set up for Danny crashing on McG’s couch, which I’m hoping will be the source of much hysterical banter!

    • Infant_Sardonic

      When I saw the ad when there was a bolder in the camaro’s windshield I tweeted “@plenkov i saw the ad. Is that the Camaro’s windshield meeting a rock???”
      and he wrote back yep. It was a very exciting day, except for the bit when my Ford met a clueless Mazda driven by a moron on the way to work and then I didn’t care about the Camaro so much any more. Then when Danny’s car was miraculously fixed in a very short amount of time I wanted to know where he took it, better yet, where can I find a McG to work on my car Then the stu.id Mazda can run into it as many times as it wants.

    • Infant_Sardonic

      When I saw the ad when there was a bolder in the camaro’s windshield I tweeted “@plenkov i saw the ad. Is that the Camaro’s windshield meeting a rock???”
      and he wrote back yep. It was a very exciting day, except for the bit when my Ford met a clueless Mazda driven by a moron on the way to work and then I didn’t care about the Camaro so much any more. Then when Danny’s car was miraculously fixed in a very short amount of time I wanted to know where he took it, better yet, where can I find a McG to work on my car? Then the stu.id Mazda can run into it as many times as it wants.

  9. Clearly I spent much of this episode drinking embalming fluid also.
    I must be the only Fucup in the twitter/blog/H50 universe who didn’t notice the alluring multi-coloured mannipple-hugging attire. The pants, well, they’re foykin’ hard to miss so I did notice those, as they frequently advance McG’s character. And plot.
    As usual Maha, fabulously funny recap!

  10. Danno’s face was priceless when he learned about the ghost. Perfectly played! But alas, ChinChin walked away with the last scene to me. His exasperated laying down of his head was epic!

    Also, the “whatcha going to do on this big mattress”? Was HILAR!!

    And why did McG make those faces while saying “the bed is all, uh, set up”. I think Alex was playing with the slashies. *hee* So.much.fodder. in this episode.

  11. Thanks M for the wonderful recap. Enjoyed it more than the actual episode, except for McPanty Destroyer, of course.

    • You’re welcome, love!
      Thank you for reading :)

    • Ditto Lelegirl – didn’t enjoy this ep as much and looked forward to the more entertaining version 2 days later. The bad thing about stumbling into Sardonic world is what happens in my head now when I watch an episode. If Chin enters the screen I hear CHIN CHIN – if Danno walks in I think of laniek and so on….oww my achin’ head

  12. Danno- in blue polo, casual pants and adorable flat sneaks made me leap into tv set with arms outstretched to grab and squuuuuuuuuuuueeee him. Have not let go in 3 days. With all the craziness here in NJ with the storm, no school do to power outages and lack of food for same, I keep going back to that happy place of Danno on the floor hooking up tv when I get stressed. *heard thud thud thud*

  13. Had thought on Why Is LoHo (aka WI LO) this morn while on twitter- atplenkov needs to write an ep where she is kidnappered by a crazy person who is not a killerer but just v v sad because someone killlered someone they love- she will have to step up and be super profiler and talk her way thru the scenes so that she is not 1st victim of said crazy. The original H50 will have to race against the clock to decide if they want to save her or not (ok, that part was mean). Maybe they are running around bumbling over incorrect clues until 53 minutes in when a random name that has not come up yet does and they find WI LO and kidnapperer having heart to heart because she is really that good at her job.

    • of course, based on past track record, kidnapperer would probably duct tape her mouth to stay awake from boredom of her voice, but that is another story and Grace will get all confusered and thing they are wrapping presents.

    • YES this is what I have been saying all along — we know all 4 primary folks + Masi Oka can ACT. LaGerman has not yet been given the opportunity — thrown in the deep end of the pool. TOSS HER IN, ATPLENTKOV, let her sink or swim and that will be that. If she stone-faces her way through 42 mintues of good writing and gripping story-telling than we can all just be done with her and wait for Woah Fat to killlerer her dead. If she wows us all with her acting chops, I think we would all see the WHY of LoHo, even if the flirting continued to be stupid.

      Within the first 7-8 episodes of Season 1 we had eps that focused heavily on McG (duh), Danno (Football episode, Meka episode), Chin (the Sid/Salvo episode) and Kono (the surfing episode). We learned about the characters & learned to love them individually & together. Where is the LoHo centric episode? (even though it has the potential to be incredibly painful the only way we’ll get an answer to the WHY of LoHo is to have one). And it makes me seriously wonder… Why hasn’t there been one? Really, why not? They want us to love her so much…. so where is the opportunity to be focused on LoHo & nothing but the LoHo now that we are 7-8 episodes into Season 2?

      • Hold the phone.
        Did you seriously just wish 42 minutes of WhyIs-LoHo on us?

        • I know, I know, I feel a little light headed right now. But I’m more of a grit my teeth and get the pain over with fast type girl than this constant middling irritation that seems to be dragging on forever.

          I read up on LaGerman’s acting resume. She’s a horror movie actress. So she must know how to emote. SHOW US. The only thing I’d seen her in was the episode of Human Target where she was the bad guy, pretending to be the good guy, who ended up being reedeemed as a good guy (spoiler alert). And she was good in that! I mean, it was Human Target, a show only slightly more cartoony than H50. But she was such a convincing bad guy part of me thinks she was hired do a villian turn here soon (also, atplenkov’s treatment of women in general makes me think she’ll be a villian or dead soon anyway, like all the rest of the women, at least the ones that aren’t related by blood to any of the men).

          So maybe there is hope.

      • Wow again, I will slink off to my corner and may come back next week, I thought this was the one site that would not feed into the H50 – Castle debate. Bye Bye

        • Hi WJ, just want to clarify my remarks. I do not approve of the current online debate between the 2 shows. As Kimmer said they are both very strong and very different. The fact that there is a bitter competition online between the two, is in my view, silly. I don’t want you to leave since you just got here and seem fun. ok? :) No offence was intended in the slightest & I apologize if I masde you uncomfortable.

          • I understand that’s why I came back. Deep down I know you are better than all of the crazies on line and its made me deeply regret posting that comment. I just get so much junk from twitter that it really made me loose it. I am so sorry for taking your comments the wrong way. Hugsies to ya and I can’t quit something this good.

            • LOL, I also sometimes wish we could edit these comments once we have posted them! Thank you for coming back! Yes sometimes we are the crazy online ladies that Kamekona warned about but sardonic & the FUCUPS are too good to quit! You made my day with the hugsies. :D Sardonic on!

            • One thing I think you know WJ is that we say everything here with good humor and a wink. We heart H50 and its stars, but we do not feel we own the show or that it owes us anything. I hope the rest of my FUCUPS don’t mind me speaking for them as I say this to you. I am here more for the fun of it and the company of these funny and special ladies than because I am an H50 fanatic ( though I heart Danno and Scott Caan with rainbows and kittens and cherry skittles). So, know that it is all said with tongue in cheek, with respect for everyone, and most of all, with much love always. *big huggies* and never quit us again Heath!

              • I won’t and my no so better half told me I was being an idiot. That really took alot of nerve. I’m 5’8 he’s 6’2 but I will still clock him if he ever says that again. I guess I was having one of my moments. I just sometimes get tired of the name calling and wish all web sites were like this one. At the end of the day this is all fun and giggles and a good place to vent and like you said tongue and cheek. Smiling at yah!

                • Seriously — people call each other names at other sites?
                  I would turn off commenting abilities. Not kidding.

                  • Yes. The H50 vs. Castle sh!t at television by the numbers dot com is BEYOND BITTER and ridiculous. Don’t even go there.

                    There are also other places (like twitter!) where seriously terrible anti-LaGerman people call her wholly inappropriate and highly offensive names. These are things that I have never seen here even though we are mostly all inthe WhyLoHo camp.

                    FUCUPS are all about respect at the end of the day, amirite? I’m glad you wouldn’t hesitate to banhammer anyone who would cross the line.

                    • plus, we always follow most important rules of feedback- be constructive and come to table with solutions. When we speak of WhyIsLoHo? we are trying to fix her. So we come up with ideas to make her stand out more- dark hair, better wardrobe, good lines to read from and more projecting in her voice. And no romance with McG but with Max instead. And, if that does not work, we shall try kidnappering plot ep. And, if still no good, she may remove McG’s pants and then go to Dubai in exchange program. See, we are planners. Not haters.

                • Infant_Sardonic

                  WJ. I call them emo moments. I had them so often my friends named them emo moments (or even emo days) and that is how I got labelled emo.

              • I’m not sure what Lainie’s talking about, but I don’t like any of you.
                It’s why I call you wh0res and stalkers.

            • You hugsiesed it out. Yay.
              Nicely done, FUCUPs. Nicely done.

            • Glad you changed your mind, WJ. Take Twitter w/a grain of hawaiian sand. I broke up w/twitter, with w few exceptions, because life is too darn short for that aggravation.

            • WJ you can create a list on twitter and on tweetcaster for your phone. then you can choose who to read when things get sh*tty on Twitter. I have one for the FUCUPS so when it’s too much to read the whole Timeline, I can still check in with them every day. Especially the OZ & UK girls since they are a acouple weeks behind. Would love to add you (and others) to my list if you are comfortable giving your twitter name. Mine is the same as here.

              • Ess: Thanks I would love to do that but I don’t know how. I have been using a computer for years and been on twitter and facebook for a month! I would love to give you my twitter name but you need to tell me, is it my name or my email address and I will give it to you. smiling (maybe you can also tell me how to get emotions on my comments)

                • WJ contact Maha and she can give you my email address. I can walk you through it. :)

                  • Ess: I emailed her I hope she gets it, she should have my email address also, which you can have if I fail to reach her. Boy it feels rough to be a computer virgin.

                    • Karin@notMcNerd

                      WJ — when I used the word virgin, M named me Cherry. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for you!
                      And since I don’t know how to do any of that posting pictures, etc. and don’t tweet either, you can join me @notMcNerd. Karin aka Cherry

          • NO!
            No one make anyone uncomfy.
            That’s what The FOY does!! It makes you walk funny — but #FUCUPs do NOT do this to one another.
            WJ come bAAAACK!!! You just got here.

            • Like Arnold said “I’ll be back”. There is so much love and respect for all of the FUCUPs coming my way to you. To quote Sister Sledge ” We are family, I got all my sisters with me”

      • Ok, all this YisLOHO talk reminded me of this tumblr post that I didn’t post but I favorited it because it’s HILARIOUS!

    • Infant_Sardonic

      “The original H50 will have to race against the clock to decide if they want to save her or not”

      This reminds me of when I was very little, being baby sat by my cousin and he said “do you remember my younger brother Julian?”
      Me: No
      Cousin: That’s because he was kidnapped and we didn’t want to pay the $50 randsom so the kidnappers never sent him back.
      Me: :O = best behaved kid ever.

  14. WJ: You better not leave us…..or I’ll find you and bring you back and remember….I’m pack’en. LOL
    BTW, no FUCUP and I mean NO FUCUP, is as clueless on the computer as yours truly. Hugsies, McMo

  15. ESS: OMG, that LoHo/Chin tumblr post is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for sharing. Hysterical! McMo

  16. WJ: So glad. LOL
    Maha’s recaps are the best ever and she has made it possible for such a clever & funny bunch of people to congregate and have a blast. (And more times than not, I actually learn quite a bit too.) I don’t know what the other sites are like because this is the only one I’ve ever been connected with, but it’s really all I need. I truly enjoy every single FUCUP & I can’t think of any other place that could possibly bring more laughs.
    Hugsies, McMo

  17. ESS: I had to look at that picture of L to the G & Chin again because it’s just soooooo hilarious. I don’t know how you find such delightful funnies, but please continue. Tks again. (BTW, are you trying to through me off track?? Why does your name keep changing??)McMo

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