2.08 — Lapa’au / Healing page 8

Movember comes home and Charlie’s Angels point their guns at him, demanding to know where Yang was. No one cares about Monica anymore! So sad.

Movember says that Yang “is in the process of learning what it feels like to be helpless.” Suddenly, we are watching Seven. Awesome.

When Daniel asks WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Movember offers how Dr Yang promised he’d cure Movember if he took his illegal drugs.

Daniel is still WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEANAGAIN? when Smoothaise comes to the rescue and fills in the blanks: When Monica found out about Dr Yang’s black market ways, Movember killed her to keep Dr Yang in business so that he could be cured.

Oh my God, Smoothaise just grabbed Movember and his hand is HUGE around Movember’s face.

Oh, Smoothaise, you are amazing. So amazing. Such a talent — why have you not been on my telly more often? This moment was electric.

Movember has a little remorse for his killing of Monica, and McG taps into this remorse and asks him to tell them where Yang is being held.

Movember takes them on a trek through somewhere filled with foliage, until they find a big pod, the key to which Movember chucked because (this is so funny! And so brilliant!)…because he wasn’t planning on opening it up again.

Honestly, I am laughing so hard, because it’s so true and I am fkd in the head to find such things funny.

Because there is no key, McG shoots the lock and looks away, but does not protect The FOY. In this moment, I am panic stricken. Why isn’t anyone protecting The FOY? :(

McG enters the pod to find a still living Dr Yang, who is being injected with chemo. HOLEE EWWWWW. We are soooo watching Seven. I love this sick twist.

Oh look at this! Smoothaise wants to vigilante and execute Movember. Only, I really wish he wouldn’t, and would instead go have a ham and cheese sandwich deep-fried, as he clearly likes ’em.

McG comes to the rescue and tells Movember that he ain’t gettin’ off that easy. Movember looks to his left and I think this is because one of the camera men did something funny.

At H50 HQ, McG is wearing his pants and asking about the puppy. As anticipated, Daniel gave the puppy to Monkey.

Smoothaise comes in with WhyIs-LoH, to show the 5-0s that Monica received a piece of paper posthumously. Smoothaise wants the 5-0s to have it, and he looks like he’s going t cry. Maybe he’s hungry? So sad.

McG goes into one of the rooms — which room, Know-It-Alls? — removes one plaque and hangs this piece of paper instead.

He does not remove his pants.


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91 responses to “2.08 — Lapa’au / Healing page 8

  1. The FOY has it’s own bullet proof vest or so I like to think and will always be safe.

  2. “McG comes to the rescue tells Movember that he ain’t gettin’ off that easy. ” – I can’t believe McG didn’t let him shoot him. In fact, I can’t believe McG didn’t at least give him a flesh wound himself. McG is getting soft ya’ll. (Not the FOY though)

  3. The ending twist was pretty cool.
    I’d like to give a shout out to Movember (Uncle Rico…Napolean Dynamite) He played this freak to perfection.

  4. Yes, McG is wearing his pants at HQ. But they are JEANS with an open neck shirt and a wee glimpse of chest hair! Plus, when he is talking to Danno about the dog, he plants his bum on the majik computer table again. More IPads coming??

    I don’t know what room he goes into, I expect it’s his office. But usually the glass doors to the offices open in. He pulled that door open. What’s with that?
    And when he stopped strightening the plaque on the wall, I had the distinct impression it still wasn’t straight. Funny.
    The best thing about the Sardonic group is that somebody always catches the details. Different folks spot different things. But I love it because I can then rewatch and look for all those things I missed. This epi I saw Steve try to realign his body when he crawled out of the car, but I missed the gun/pants adjustment at HQ. As reported, it was subtle but sexy! Thanks, all.

  5. I thought perhaps we could send this bumper sticker to the H50 people as a hint: http://www.cafepress.com/+im_not_wearing_any_pants_sticker_bumper,38855276

    Better yet, one of us could put it onto McG’s truck.

    Then the restraining orders might appear for reals.

  6. there is lots of talk about what the dog’s name will be – and people are suggesting Jersey. in a v v sardonic way, had to remind that said doggie had a mama and I am sure she gave dog a name. one cannot just go around changing dog’s names. just sayin….

    • But the Mama is dead and therefore cannot tell us the dogs name and honestly probably doesn’t care at this point.

      • that’s just sad :(
        I posted this on H50Undercover naming contest:
        Though I do like the comedy that could come from Gracie deciding to name the dog Steve after Uncle Steve.

        Kono- “hey Danny, what’s up?”
        Danny- “Steve has fleas”
        Chin- “He what….?”
        Danny- “fleas…Rachel is flipping out, because the stuff he has to use isn’t good for the baby and he keeps getting it on her when he rubs up against her”
        Lori- “wait, what? Steve is rubbing up against your ex?”
        At that moment, Steve walks in and all eyes turn to him……

  7. ps- when walking thru jungle and came to storage unit out in nowhere land, wondered if it was left over from LOST. aslo, I think someone said baddie was Ben’s dada in LOST.

  8. Great review as always pretty Maha. I thought with the last two reviews you are really back on your funny game!
    What on earth did you do to that pic of yourself! Frightening!
    I can’t imagine you ever being ignored even tho you are as pretty as you are! :>)
    Kono and Fong are a beautiful pair. Just like the FOY has a …never mind.
    Kimmer, you are hysterical! But not as hysterical as Maha or as pretty. sorry.

    • Hawaii! It is this amazing software, just discovered on my mac. I can no longer take a normal photo because these distorted ones make me laugh far too hard!

    • hawaiiobsessed want to ditto you love the recap – disturbed yet amused by the pic – Kimmer and Ess and you’all seem to post anything I could possibly think to add – so funny but I cannot devote the time and high level thinking to keep up with you all. Love your conversations and pretteeee M for doing it and can’t believe another epi is on tonight and just today got around to this one- too exhausting how do you do it?

      • My mobile phone never leaves my hands. :(
        I also consider it my treat to myself for being an adult and doing all the icky adult stuff I have to do every day.

        • CVC It’s much easier now that I have one of these smart phone thingo’s and can read the email notifications at work on breaks. It’s easier if you leave it for a week (so how I used to be a week behind) because then you’re just really reading the comments and don’t get to participate as much…on the other hand, that’s not as fun some times.

          CVCs comments can be like leap years, they only happen once every so often, but in my part of the world, they mean an extra day of summer, and as such are welcomed with smiles and hugs and care bears. #AwkwardChickFlickMoment

          • Thanks much Infant! I think *hugsies* are in order and rainbows sent your way. Love the leap year analogy – feels like I am old news glad it does not seem that way to you. Next phone will be smarter than my current one which is totally stupid but makes calls so does function – must spend money to keep up with Sardonic #AwkwardChickFlickMomentRightBackatYa

  9. Mr. ICE’s hand looked big in the jungle scene, but at HQ when he thanks the team and shakes hands with McG it looked like his hand couldn’t even completely wrap around Steve’s hand. Just an observation. Camera angle maybe?

  10. Maha … EPIC recap !
    Thank you for this !

  11. LoHo not a female McG. KONO the female McG. True story.

  12. Yes M, fav recap so far. :) Glad I cheated.

  13. MAHA: Hysterical recap. Loved it all. Thanks for all the laughs as per usual. (BTW, do you know how to get cereal out of a keyboard?) Sending Hugsies your way……Grandmama McMo

  14. KIMMER: Nevermind. I now know your “undercover.” Yep, good one. I’d never recognized ya. McMo

  15. Somewhere on this site – but I cannot find it – is a reference to a Navy shower I swear! And they opened the show last night with talk of Navy showers – if that had not been filmed ahead of these posts I would think the writers are taking their ideas right from these pages. Which also is why McG sleeps shirtless and is now wearing the awesome BLUE shirt! blue shirt lovers unite! and FUCUP’s who want to shower with McG Navy or otherwise unite – or at least line up …behind me…

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