2.18 — Lekio / Radio page 4

– There are two very serious undertones to this storyline which are both heartbreakers. First, the hurting of little children by the very people who are meant to protect them before anyone else; and, second is the breaking up of families for the mere suspicion of abuse. I am not informed enough to have an opinion on the later, but do believe that parents who abuse their children should have the bones in their hands shattered.

– At the 31.55 minute mark, either something weird happened with the editing of the shot, or Poppa Caan noticed something on the woman’s wrist and / or arm to indicate that she may be guilty. I think this b/tch is guilty.

– I have no theory on the “plot” because I am not in fact paying enough attention to the story, and am instead enthralled by Senior Caan’s face and hair sitch.

– McG sound bombs someone’s teenie tiny trailer. This, fyi, is a euphemism for Day 17 S/x Bootcamp, McG Styles.

– Blue Interrogation Room. This guy is a p/ssy, and it looks like CHINCHINCHIN is wearing matte purple lipstick.

– Like, what kind of a mother parking job is this? I imagine McG pulling up onto the paved lot, pulling to his left onto the grass, reversing to his right to back up right onto this part of the lawn. This is the funniest thing, EVER. Full means and immunity, baby!

– Turns out that I was right; the editing was done on purpose to make her appear guilty. Non sardonically, camera work really is an art. But that’s neither here nor there. She’s been deaded, and as McG calls it “Owaa” because Oahu is too complicated, McG and The 5-0s must find the person who made her deaded.

– Hey! CREEPY WAX MUPPET MAN was in on this whole exploding of Dennis Miller, because his wife was “sick of waiting” for her money. My father just cut me with his eye and is calling a bodyguard.

Have I mentioned? He’s currently on holidays and so I am “borrowing” his car, without the borrowing part because he doesn’t really need to know. It’s a Mercedes and it drives like a tank, and I feel so wee in it but it has been fun. Now I am too sad to give it back and think I might “crash” it and tell him it is dead. But really keep it for myself. I am a criminal mastermind, I know.

– Vein porn, hard:

– This “plot” is a really awkward love triangle about money fever. My favourite part was when Muppet Wax Head apologizes, only to have Poppa Caan clock him in the face and say “not good enough.” I did this last week in a meeting with one of my staff. KIDDING.

– Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa. Daniel and McG are sitting on Poppa Caan’s boat and they’re flipping their feet around like weird little-but-very-adorable penguins. McG looks so hot right now, I want to drive my face into my screen and right between his thighs.

– When Poppa Caan comes up from below with his pizza, I think: He’s also got his face with him.


(Sorry girls, not as funny…because I am not as excited. But I hope I can eventually get back to my excitement about Show. Really do. xxo)

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42 responses to “2.18 — Lekio / Radio page 4

  1. I need to rewatch this ep to recall all of the nuances, but I do fondly remember an abundance of beautiful foot p0rn at the end of this ep and my sudden desire to suck on a toe.

    If I laugh just once while reading, then you have brought the funny. Thank you for taking some time out from your crazy to provide a recap. H50 is always a good diversion. 🌊

  2. I want to take my shoes off with Danno.

  3. Glad to have you back M, even for just a wee bit.
    Thanks for taking some time for us !


  4. This episode was just a pleasure to watch & Mahaaaaaa As Always ~~~ this was a pleasure to read! Thank you 4 the recap! You always bring the funny & the love!!! Your observations as always are on point & wonderful. You are Truly Appreciated. :) Take care babe!

  5. Maha,
    PENGUINS!! I seriously just LOVE YOU to pieces!!

  6. Looks like lawn parking is acceptable in certain neighborhoods; in SoFL it’s the norm; unless you live under HOA rules!

  7. Karin@notMcNerd

    Very angry McG yelling at son-in-law in blue room. Thought it was Capt. Fryer for a moment. Loved the group hug and father/son hug at end. I, too, think they had a good time shooting this episode. It just all looked like fun.

    BTW — in Milwaukee if you park on the grass, even on your own property, you will first get a warning notice and then escalating fines (up to $350) added to your tax bill until you correct the situation!

  8. Infant_Sardonic

    Welcome back, M. I was delighted to see this waiting for me today.

    For me show really brings it in ep 2.19. :D

  9. “McG looks so hot right now, I want to drive my face into my screen and right between his thighs.”
    That sums it up, Maha! Thank you for another great recap!
    Don’t ever change your pretteeee Sardonic self!
    P.S. I was also a wee bit worried about Poppa Caan’s face.
    P.S.S. It is amazing that CeBeEss koalas allow the unbridled furriness of Scott C’s chest to be all over the screen, but AOL chesthairs must be manscaped into nonexistence. :-(

  10. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Ok…..I know I’m supposed to suspend disbelief but how many pies from Ray’s? FedEx overnight I’m assuming? So what $1500 in pizza?
    Thats jewelry money, thats not pizza money. screw pizza give me pave…..with a side of McG wearing boat shoes and then bare feet…and commenting on D’s need of a pedi !!! I love you McG!!

  11. AnnieOakley (aka Refugee)

    “..Senior Caan’s face and hair sitch… ” It’s the g/d d@mned botox – makes people look worse than their madame tussaud models. I was getting my nails done the other day and couldn’t stop staring at the woman in the chair across from me, her face was so TIGHT. My face might be sagging down around my jawline, but at least I still look human.

  12. M, its always lovely to hear from you. I hope life is on a grand upswing for you. I too hope you find joy in show again soon. Otherwise, that’s the point of all this?

    I have to admit this epi didn’t do much for me either. For several reasons. But I found great joy in 2.19. Hope you will too.

    • Thank you, Ess! No upswing yet, but I have to sort of force things into a little more order until that natural upswing happens. InshAllah soon :)

      I am looking forward to 2.19, here it’s fun!

  13. Thanks, Maha. Fun recap as ever.
    I did like this episode. I liked James Caan’s acting, he has the range that Scott has – humour, banter, (I’m tired and I nearly typed wise ass cracking) – smartass wise cracking (that’s better) and really intense.

  14. I think I was taken out of the story of the show a bit as I was so aware of James being Scott’s father, but it was a fun ride.

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