2.19 — Kalele / Faith page 2

– Inside of Sister McG’s hotel room, a lot of stuff is said and all that’s important is that no one is really 100% that Sister McG isn’t totes innocent. Which is so weird, because these dumba/ses are so loyal on the regular and then family comes in and they’re all mmmm, yeah, maybe…not so sure…let me think about this over a coffee….

– We finally see “Angela,” the woman who Sister McG is trying to save and the woman who got Sister McG her job just updated her Facebook Profile picture to this:

– Daniel pooped his car seat while McG was driving 32 km / hour. Also, when McG gets out of the car, he moves his leg just so to let The FOY catch its breath because — just like Daniel — it also just threw up a little in its mouth.

– This. Is. Hilarious. Daniel just chartered the Governor’s plane without making an official request. Like he’s calling a taxi. Will Governor No 2 be alright with this?

– Wow. My mouth just dropped open when the evidence truck had its a/s handed to it by the big rigg. How do we spell ‘big rigg’ anyway?

– Deep Fryer is here, and he’s just recently had his hair did. He still looks like a/s though, and I am amazed that considering how much make-up the Make-Up Department sprays onto the rest of the characters, they have left his surly complexion as is.

– Additionally, Daniel’s shirt can barely contain itself, looking like a suicide bomber about to blow. LOVE OF G-D, GIVE THIS TURKEY A SIZE LARGER.

– CHINCHINCHIN is wearing that salmon colour again, and yet again: he is wearing the sh/t out of it. CHINCHINCHIN!! CALL ME!!

– Back at H50 HQ, Sister McG is really totally chill about her situation. Me? I would be on the floor peeing myself in fear.

That said, I love that her shirt has a little thunderbolt on it. (I know it’s not a thunderbolt, but I am going to imagine that it is. Please don’t crush my happy.)

-Deep Fryer has someone who may be able to help them lock this sh/t down. En route, Daniel says what Show has been jerking o/f for the last two seasons: “Once a crook you are always a crook.” I roll my eyes and throw peanuts at my screen.

Show. Stop being so ignorant. F/ck.


– Uhm. When the former criminal opens the door, I take one look at him and am pretty sure he’s the guy who posed for this picture which is my favourite ring:

– McG looks a little embarrassed by Deep Fryer’s demeanor with The Traveling Gnome Currently At Rest. Frankly, I’m really pissed that he’s harassing this old man, and I’m really happy that handsome devil masculine man stepped in and slapped Deep Fryer’s d/ck to the side.

Continued on page 3.

38 responses to “2.19 — Kalele / Faith page 2

  1. Is that a gnome on your ring?!?! LOL!!!

  2. AnnieOakley (aka Refugee)

    He’s “Miiiiiiisterrrrr Guhhhrrrrannnnnnnntttt….” Former boss of she who can turn the world on with her smile.

  3. Karin@notMcNerd

    “slapped Fryer’s d/ck to the side” — sure needed to be — at the accident scene he’s throwing it around saying it’s his case because of the two dead cops. Reminded me of an earlier episode “My murder trumps your attempted murder”.
    But you have to figure he does that because he must have an inferiority complex, always playing second banana to the 50s.

  4. This Recap Brought To You By Travelocity!!**

    **not really

  5. I loved the look on McGs face too when Fryer went in and started steamrolling the guy.

    Also want to point out that while I am p.o’d at the manscaping, I want to kiss the hairdresser for brushing out all Alex’s curls this week. You can see the wave in his hair quite a few times and its totes distracting….

  6. Love the Facebook page line!
    Loved Danny stressing out about the cake being trashed at top speed.

  7. I had a problem with time table on this ep-
    1- if Sis McGoo just got into town and was looking for McGoo Too for 1 hour and then she went back to his house bu they had to go back to hotel and get stuff, how long was she in town?
    2-did she get into town the night before?
    3-why did she look for Bro McGoo at a public beach, when a local would have to know better places to surf, no?
    4-why didn’t see look for him at WORK?
    5-why did she get the chance to hug wet Danno and let go? for the love of G-D woman, if you get to hug him, you DO NOT LET GO!

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