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2.18 — Lekio / Radio page 2

– He’s had work done. It is freaking me out that James Caan has had some work done on his face, because he is not someone I ever imagined would have work done on his face. Anyone?

– There’s a really great c0ck-off between him and McG, which is won by Daniel. Heh.

– James The Face Caan calling Daniel “muscles,” and Alex O’Loughlin’s response to this is fkn adorable.

– James The Face Caan also calls Daniel “Hair-do,” and the tweet response is “I’M A F/CKING POMPADOUR!!”

– I know that this is in hindsight, but in this scene, we can really see the dark shadows beneath Alex’s eyes. From the bottom of my heart, thank God for his self-awareness and self-control to bust his ass to a place where he can heal. Again — greatly appreciated if someone would give me an update on his health. My heart is a little tender right now and seeing him this way is making me hurt a little.

– James The Face Caan then tells Daniel to “fetch” his shows, which is pretty hilarious. Gently, Daniel places a pair of red bowling shoes (?) over his poppa’s neck. Cute. Caan The Elder, I imagine, is a seriously surly man; the kind who would bump your a/s in the market with his cart, rather than move around you.

– HAH! He just called McG, McGgoo. Oh prey, let me see the day when we can confirm just how much of the goo there is in the McG.

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